ConvergeFu - User Guide ConvergeFu is a small addon developed predominantly for use by the officers of Converge in order to assist them with the everyday tasks of guild management. It is designed to be a plugin for the popular FuBar plugin which means all potential users of ConvergeFu should install the FuBar addon in addition to ConvergeFu. Note though that if you have no other use for FuBar in your current User Interface (UI) then you can simply leave the FuBar menubar installed but hidden from view and have ConvergeFu appear as a button attached to your minimap instead. If you are a non-officer member of the guild and have no need to use ConvergeFu beyond having it installed then you can leave ConvergeFu 'attached' to the FuBar menubar and leave the menubar hidden thus ensuring ConvergeFu and FuBar make no visual impact on your UI.

In normal usage, ConvergeFu will appear as an icon on your FuBar menubar (or minimap) and offer a number of simple options. Hovering the mouse over the icon will display a tooltip containing information about the addon, the guild you are in and the rank you currently hold as well as a list of the officer members of Converge along with their current online status - are they online, on their main or an alt and so on.

Left clicking on the icon will perform one of several actions depending upon whether you are holding a modifier key down at the same time or not. The group of "left click" actions are intended to be shortcuts to commonly required functions of ConvergeFu. At the current time, the left click shortcut actions are defined as follows:

Left click (+ no modifier) = Toggle the RBS dashboard On/Off.
Left click (+ Alt) = Toggle Buff Monitor Mode.
Left click (+ Ctrl) = Toggle BusyResponder On/Off.
Left click (+ Ctrl & Alt) = Attempt to join raid/raid-queue.

Don't worry if you don't know what these options do at the moment, more on them later.

If you right click on the icon, the main ConvergeFu menu will appear. The top section of this menu contains the various ConvergeFu menu options whilst the bottom section of this menu contains the default options provided with all FuBar plugins by default that allow you to customise how and where the ConvergeFu icon appears within your FuBar menubar (or minimap). We'll assume you can understand these options for yourself and thus describe only the specific ConvergeFu menu options here in this guide.

From the top-level, you will see that the menus are organised in the following manner:

1 - Announcements
2 - Custom Chat
3 - Other Addons
4 - Macros
5 - Tools

If you investigate any of these menus, you'll see that typically they lead to further menus that help to organise the content or options available in that area. We'll describe each of these top-level menu sections in order.

1 - Announcements The primary reason to provide a selection of pre-baked announcements is two-fold. First of all, it makes the task of making an announcement very simple - clicking a single option is generally much easier than typing a whole sentence or two. Second of all, it helps to standardise the language used in the announcements and this enables the guild to maintain a high standard of communication with its members. As a European guild, English is a second (or third or fourth!) language for many of our members and therefore it is important that the guild attempts to ensure its announcements are clear and precise so that all its members can understand them easily.

The Announcements section of ConvergeFu is primarily concerned with assisting the officers to make announcements to either the guild as a whole or to a raid group or party. The announcements available are organised into submenus according primarily to the intended channel of communication that is to be used (ie: Guild channel or Raid channel or Party channel) and you simply need to select the appropriate announcement in order for it to be made.

The first set of announcements are Guild Announcements. You'll see a number of standard messages that are used when welcoming new members, awarding promotions, or occasionally failing trial members.

There are two main submenus concerned with sending out the "Raid invitations have begun" messages you will all be familiar with seeing within the guild or the "Raid invites are closed but the wait-list is now open" follow-on message. These two submenus contain a shortlist of the current guild officers by name along with the odd additional member from time to time when we have non-officers that habitually organise and lead raids on the guild's behalf.

The messages are of the form "Please whisper Broliant for a place in the raid" where "Broliant" would typically be replaced by whatever name you selected. Note though, there is a small amount of intelligence in this such that, should Broliant be logged-in on his alt Balgardner, then selecting Broliant would result in a message of the form "Please whisper Balgardner (aka: Broliant) for a place in the raid".

Custom targets can be assigned for both the raid invitation and the raid queue announcements allowing for the option of any member to use ConvergeFu to organise a raid. However, note that normally when an announcement is sent out the guild message of the day field is also updated to reflect the announcement. The guild message of the day is used by ConvergeFu for reference when late-arriving members attempt to use ConvergeFu to automatically join the raid/raid-queue (by CTRL+ALT clicking the ConvergeFu icon) and therefore, for official raids, it is recommended that only officers send out the announcement to ensure that the guild message of the day field is properly updated.

The raid and party announcement submenus contain messages typically needed in raids and partys (surprise!) such as reminding players on the correct guild kill-order, the looting priorities and some reference information such as Ventrilo server details. Guild officers typically use these functions most when they are aware that there are new members of the guild in raids/parties as a means of helping them more quickly understand guild practices.

The "Say Announcements" submenu is typically just a selection of fun things that will appear in the 'Say' channel if selected. Generally, these are humorous guild in-jokes from times past and can be tied to in-game actions if preferred using the command-line syntax of ConvergeFu. For example, if you wanted to have the "Evasion LoL!" announcement made whenever you used evasion, you could simply create a macro along the lines of...

/confu announce say evasion
/cast Evasion

Of course, this is a bit of overkill given you can simply replace the first line with "/say Evasion LoL!" However, there is also the 'random' option that you could add into your macro instead which picks one of the say-expressions at random and says it. Replace the first line of the macro above with something along the lines of...

/confu announce say random

Mostly though, this selection of announcements is simply a fun aide-memoire to help us quote past funnies accurately. In the words of one such famous quote: "aLL I EVER WANTED WAS FOR..."

Finally, the GMOTD or Guild Message of the Day announcements are simply a quick-hand way for officers to set the in-game Guild Message of the Day field to something either useful or fun depending upon the prevailing wind. As noted above, the announcements for the opening of the raid invitation time and the raid queue (aka: wait-list) make use of the GMOTD and therefore these announcements should not be selected until any official raid has completed.

Currently, there are selections for advising members on the time of the next official raid and for providing amusing 'tips' derived from the past experiences and in-jokes related to our members. If you have a tip for us to add, please let us know!

2 - Custom Chat Converge uses a selection of class or role based custom chat channels in raids in addition to the standard RAID/PARTY and GUILD channels to help our members communicate with each other.

The default list of commonly used custom chat channels is as follows:

condknight, condruid, conhunter,
conmage, conpally, conpriest,
conrogue, conshaman, conlock,
conwarrior, conhealer, contank.

The Custom Chat menu options simply help members locate and join/leave each channel as they wish to, depending upon their class and role.

3 - Other Addons Converge requires all members to install a small selection of in-game addons to aid in matters related to raiding. By default, the common 'three' that have always been required are "Deadly Bossmods", "CTRA/oRA2" and "Omen". In addition to this members with specific roles sometimes need additional class/role specific addons such as PallyPower for Paladin buff assignments and so on. ConvergeFu is joining the list of required addons so that additional funtions it provides can supplement those in oRA2 for the guild's raid leaders and assistants.

The submenus of the Other Addons menu are arranged by addon and each submenu offers some options specific to the addon indicated. For example, the DBM (Deadly Bossmods) menu contains a number of options related to creating timers - a handy and valuable feature used commonly within the guild's raids to give a visual timer for things like bio-breaks, pauses until the raid begins, pull-timers and so forth. The oRA2 menu offers options for performing various checks - ready, durability, resistance and so on.

In each case, the options provided via the ConvergeFu menus can nearly always be done directly with the specific addon. ConvergeFu simply provides an easily accessible shortcut to those functions for those members that either don't know the individual addons well enough or for those that simply prefer using ConvergeFu as the hub to access those functions.

4 - Macros There are often times in raid encounters where it is either highly desireable or even necessary to use standard macros to perform some function efficiently and enable the encounter to be successfully completed. Typical examples of this include using spines against High Warlord Naj'entus in Black Temple, operating the drakes in phase 3 of Malygos and so on.

Macros are generally arranged by Raid Instance within the Macros submenus and each macro typically has three options attached to it, "Show", "Run" and "Link". These basically have the following meaning:

Show - Display the macro in the raid chat channel, so that members can create a macro of their own from it.
Run - Run the macro directly when you select this option.
Link - Display the ConFu command to run this macro. (For placing in macros.)

Note though, it is generally necessary to copy the macro via the "Show" option to a macro of your own since many macros have "target {some-mob}" type components and although these run fine from your own macros, they are blocked in addons by Blizzard's addon-lockdown policy... it's a mechanism they use to stop us writing addons that select your target and cast a spell for you. Blizzard think you should really be required to 'play' your character yourself!

The selection of macros available under the Macros menu is generally fairly limited, incorporating only those macros that are generally considered 'essential' to have and thus might need to be communicated to a new member attending an encounter for the first time with us to quickly bring them up to speed without needing to refer them to our guild forums to find the appropriate macro code.

5 - Tools The tools menu is where all the funky parts of ConvergeFu are located. Or by another perspective, it's the big dumping ground that contains a whole host of tools that probably should have been made as addons in their own right. However, just as the announcements section gave all officers/members the chance to make "standardised" announcements, the tools section gives all officers/members the chance to be sure they have access to certain functions without confusing them with a big list of addons they need to install. Often times, just getting everyone up-to-date with a single addon is hard work enough.

Tool 1 - Bid Manager The Bid Manager (aka: BidManager) tool is a relatively new tool that is designed to help general members of a raid to submit their bids for loot that drops and for the Master Looter receiving those bids to understand and rank them appropriately.

It's simple menu provides three initial options for members to use when they wish to place a 'main', 'resist' or 'offspec' bid to the master-looter. Selecting any of these options whilst in a raid group where master looting is enabled will whisper a message to the master looter in the format...

BIDTYPE - Rank-Level

For example, a Hero Member making a 'main' bid will send "MAIN - Hero-Member" whilst a Trial Member making an offspec bid will send "OFFSPEC - Trial-Member".

The next three options on the menu are similar to the first three but are for use by players who are attending a raid on an alt-character at the request of the raid leader and are therefore entitled to a boost in priority according to normal guild practice. When bidding with these options the bid received by the Master Looter will now be of the form...

BIDTYPE - Requested-Rank-Level

For example, a requested Alt-Hero member making a 'main' bid will send "MAIN - Requested-Alt-Hero".

The final options on the BidManager menu are for the use of the Master Looter. The first is used before each piece of loot is announced for bidding to clear all previous bid-data and initialise all internal settings. The second simply sends some help-text to the raid chat channel to advise members on how to submit their bids. The third and fourth are to list the winners of the bidding session once all bids have been received and the final option is to select which channel the results should be listed to (RAID, OFFICER, CHAT etc) when selecting the standard list winners option.

Tool 2 - Busy Responder The Busy Responder (aka: BusyResponder) is a simple tool designed for when you are busy and don't want to be disturbed when people whisper you. Simply switch it on and it will automatically respond to incoming whispers with a pre-selected message. By default, certain groups of players are excluded from receiving these "I am busy" messages by default. These groups are:

- Guild Members
- Guild Officers
- Raid Members
- Party Members
- Friends

However, the "Inclusions" menu allows you to "turn on" the sending of responses to members of these groups as well if you prefer. Some of the predefined busy messages supplied with ConvergeFu are as follows:

Default: Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the recipient is unavailable to respond at this time but your message has been stored for later review. Whisper 'guildinfo' or visit http://www.converge-dh.com for more guild info. Coffee Break: Taking a coffee break, back soon! Raiding: Busy raiding at the moment. I'll get back to you later on! Admin: Busy with guild admin at the moment. I'll get back to you later on!

You can also enter your own message if you wish for when you don't want to be disturbed for other reasons, you can 'test' your message by having ConvergeFu whisper the message to you and you can 'reset' the Busy Responder to the default message options.

Please note though, the Busy Responder DOES NOT record whispers etc so when you do return from being 'busy', if you want to be able to review all the whispers you've missed, you'll need another addon for that. We strongly recommend "Elephant" for recording all channels of in-game communication.

Tool 3 - Crowd Control The Crowd Control (CC) tool provides a means of assigning members of the raid to specific crowd control duties and associating them with specific raid symbols (skull, cross, square, circle etc) and then informing all raid members of these assignments via the raid chat channel. It's a little clunky to use via the menus and members can choose to use the FuBar/Rock configuration window instead to more easily set these targets if they prefer by selecting the "Show FuBar Config GUI" and then navigating to the ConvergeFu/Tools/Crowd Control section. Neither route is perfect but it's a rough and ready tool that had its main usage in the past when raid encounters featured a larger degree of crowd control requirements for which the assignments tended to be less fluid.

To provide some minor improvements to this 'clunkiness', a "Take my Target" option has been added to each symbol type's submenu and a general "Auto-assign CC-Types" option has been added to the main CC menu. This means, the fastest way to configure the CC tool is to open the FuBar/Rock config menu at the ConvergeFu page (to do this, right click on an empty part of the FuBar menu bar and then use the drop-down selector on the top-left side of the window that appears to navigate to the ConvergeFu section.), expand the list of CC-Targets (skull, cross, square etc) under the "Tools/Crowd Control" section and then set each one as follows:

1: Select a symbol (Skull/Cross etc) by clicking on the name in the left-pane of the config window.
2: Click on a player (tip: raid frames make this easy) who will be assigned to manage CC/tanking etc for that symbol.
3: Click on the "Take My Target" option to assign the name of the player to the symbol.
4: Repeat steps 1-3 until players have been assigned to all required symbols.
5: Click on the "AutoSet CC Types" option on the main Crowd Control menu.
6: Check the auto-assignment is satisfactory, adjust manually if not.
7: Ensure the correct output channel is selected and then select "Announce".

The automatic assignments are made according to some simple preconfigured rules such as Rogues generally sap, Mages normally sheep, Warlocks typically banish and so on. Warriors mostly tank as do Death Knights but Druids might be in tank-mode or caster-mode and this will determine if you prefer the auto-assignment to set Druids to "Tank" or to "Root" or to "Cyclone" by default. You can adjust the auto-assignment tool's defaults via the "Configure Defaults" option on the main Crowd Control menu.

In addition to the above, the player configuring the Crowd Control assignments in ConvergeFu can select the "Broadcast CC Types" option from the main Crowd Control menu to update everybody's copy of ConvergeFu (within the same raid group) with the same Crowd Control assignments. This means that any raid member can then check the assignments for themselves at their leisure via the "Test Announce" option.

Finally, if you missed both the initial assignments and any subsequent broadcast, so long as you know a member of the raid who has received a broadcast update, you can whisper one of the following commands to that player to get the current Crowd Control assignments from them:

confu cctargets -> to request they whisper you the CC assignments.
confu ccupdate -> to request they re-broadcast the CC assignments.

Tool 4 - Recruiter The Recruiter tool is a tool with the noble aim of simplifying the workflow of an officer that is about to invite a new character to the guild, be they a totally new player or the alt of an existing member. It is also an exercise in providing more of a "GUI" driven experience by using the default Blizzard popup dialog boxes to interact with the user. The standard workflow of this tool is:

1: Show a popup asking for the name of the character to invite.
2: Show a popup asking "is this a main or an alt?"
3: Show a popup if an alt asking, "who is the main?"

Once this is done, the addon should do the following tasks:

1: Display the guild's announcement 'prepare to welcome a new member/alt'
2: Invite the character.
3: Wait for the character to accept.
4: Pause several seconds for the GuildRoster to update on the server.
5: Promote the character to the appropriate rank.
6: Set the character's public and/or officer notes appropriately.
7: Whisper the character, welcome or any other required message.

This tool has reached stable production quality status after extended development. All new recruits should be invited (by an officer) using this tool to ensure that all admin tasks related to guild invitations are performed correctly.

Tool 5 - Character Search The Character Search tool provides options to search our roster for players matching a given character. For example, if you want to see if a player you know is online in the guild but on an alt you don't know or if you want to produce a list of the alts of a given character. The officers typically use this at month-end when the adjustments are made with some players gaining a rank promotion to the Hero Member rank and others stepping back down to the Normal Member rank. In both cases, the alts of a main character need to be adjusted to hold the appropriate matching alt rank for the rank of the main character.

Tool 6 - Item Level DKP All main official raids (25-man) use DKP to distribute the loot and the value of any item is calculated using several factors that include:

- The Item Level or iLevel of the item itself.
- The quality of the item. (Epic, Blue, Green etc)
- The slot the armor goes in. (Head, Chest, Main Hand etc)

The formula used to calculate the actual "Item Level DKP" value of any piece of loot is not rocket science but it's complex enough not to be easy to do in one's head during a raid therefore this tool was developed in the period when the dedicated "ItemLevelDKP" addon was not being maintained and had stopped working after one of the major game patches during the TBC era.

This tool also performs the required "rounding" because although the formula will happily output values like "32.4564556" the guild always rounds numbers up or down to the nearest integer for simplicity reasons. (ie: 0.0-0.4 -> 0.0, 0.5-0.9 -> 1.0)

Tool 7 - Rank Management The rank management tools are a "work in progress" and should not generally be used. Some tools such as the "List all Hero Members" and so on are perfectly safe but the tools for setting and updating player ranks on an automated basis should not be used. Doing so will likely render many players at the wrong rank. Normal guild members will not have the privilege to cause havoc with this tool but promoted officer members are asked to exercise more caution than Banasea faced with a shiny button to press. Bana - these buttons are really really dull!!

Tool 8 - Remote Control Protocol The Remote Control Protocol (RCP) options provide a means for one player's copy of ConvergeFu to send instructions to other player copies of ConvergeFu either for the serious purpose of configuration or for the fun purpose of organising synchronised activities.

Taking the latter (fun) category first, options for budding movie makers have been provided under the "MovieMaker" commands menu. This menu has three categories ... "All Say Commands", "All Do Commands" and "All Say-And-Do Commands". The first of these offer options that a member can select to have everyone in the raid 'say' the same phrase at the same time. The selection of phrases matches those available in the 'Say Announcements' section of the Announcements menu. Thus, if you want everyone in the raid to utter "Sir, Yes Sir!" or similar for your Fraps Masterpiece then you can now do so.

The second submenu ("All Do Commands") contains a short list of some of the simple in-game actions such as "/kneel", "/salute" and so forth that again you can use to sychronise all raid members to perform at the same time.

The third submenu ("All Say-And-Do Commands") combines options from the first two submenus to make raid members say and do the same thing simultaneously. eg: Saluting whilst saying "Sir, Yes Sir!".

These menu options have not been restricted and all members can use them. However, during official raids, be very careful to only use them at appropriate moments to avoid the wrath and consternation of your fellow team members.

Moving on to the former (serious) set of options, a menu of 'configuration' commands is available that will allow an officer of the guild to update various settings in ConvergeFu for other members. For example, if a member was unable to work out how to turn off the Fish Feast announcer in their copy of ConvergeFu, an officer could do it for them. At the current time, the list of things that can be remotely changed is relatively small and may be extended in the future if demand demonstrates a need for such extension. The currently available options that can be remotely configured by an officer are:

Fish Feast Announcer: On/Off, Message Reset.
Buff Monitor: Combat Monitor On/Off.
Raid Invitation Announcement Showing: On/Off.
Raid Invitation Announcement Sending: On/Off.
Raid Queue Announcement Showing: On/Off.

Tool 9 - Buff Monitor The buff monitor tool is intended to help automate some of the work that officers currently do manually during raids to ensure that all members of the raid are properly buffed. For full in-depth coverage of all buffs we use the RaidBuffStatus addon and this tool aims to supplement that tool rather than replace it.

In essence, this tool only checks that each member has the required "Flask or two elixirs and a food buff" activated on them. Manual checks can be performed at any time and output can be directed to one of several channels including 'RAID', 'OFFICER' and the standard 'CHAT' window.

In addition, the "Combat Monitor" component can be enabled and this will automatically run a standard check when it detects that the player is entering combat and then run a further more limited check when the player leaves combat if so configured.

Furthermore, a custom 'ready check' component will activate whenever a ready-check is detected within a raid and will trigger the player's copy of ConvergeFu to run an automatic check on their personal buffs and output the result to their chat window (only they will see this output) and to their 'UI Errors Frame' (it's the bit of the screen where raid warnings normally appear) so that individual players are privately and discretely reminded when they have buffs missing just before a new attempt is made on an encounter.

By using this tool, officers will be (mostly) freed of the task of having to manually 'chase' players and instead can simply let players respond to the tool's output to maintain their buffs. Officers need not nag, players need not be nagged and should any player continue to go without the proper buffs, the buff monitor will automatically begin severing their limbs until they address the matter. Oh, correction, that feature is coming in the next version!

Tool 10 - Miscellaneous Tools This is a dumping ground area for more minor tools that have not found their way outside the Miscellanous menu to occupy their own dedicated menu space. Currently the miscellaneous tools include:

Rogue Avoidance Calculator - Used at level 70 when determining if a rogue could tank a non-magic boss. Not commonly used now but just in case it is ever needed again, it's there.

Check Guild Status - This option launches several mini-tools in sequence whose purpose is to check the state of the guild's "administrative" health. These checks typically are run when a user logs into the game or reloads their UI if they are an officer-ranked player, otherwise a message is shown indicating that the user is way too cool for guild admin tasks. (Leave that to the "squares"... aka: guild officers!) Should an officer wish to run these tests at any other time, they can do so by selecting this menu option.

Tests currently in the suite include:

TrialOfficerNoteCheck - Does every trial member have a correctly set officer note? AltPublicNoteCheck - Does every alt character have a correctly set public note? AltRankCheck - Does each alt character's rank correspond to the main character it is linked to?

The Loot Monitor - This configuration option enables each player to turn the loot monitor on and off. Note though, non-officer players will see no difference if they turn it on. The loot monitor is an officer tool for simply announcing in the Officer Chat channel what bosses have been looted for standard recording purposes. The only non-officer use it holds currently is the "Test" function that will tell you the "classification" of a mob you have targeted. Most mobs are classified as "normal" but bosses hold the classification of "worldboss". We're not sure if non-officer members of the guild will find that useful but you never know.

Raid Instance Welcome - Whenever a raid member enters a raid instance the Raid Instance Welcome component of ConvergeFu may display a textual greeting customised for that instance in the player's chat window. Should a player wish to turn these messages off, this configuration option enables them to do so.

The Fish Feast Announcer - Provides options for announcing when a Fish Feast has been deployed so that other raid members can grab a Well Fed buff from it before it expires. The announcement message is configurable in line with the guild practice of "never calling it a Fish Feast" so your Milky Stallions, Pustule Pies and other great alternatives can continue to be announced. Since this tool also has a configurable parser, the custom emote it watches for (normally "prepares a Fish Feast") can be altered to match other events. Like for example, if you would want to make fun of the tank with the many different tanking sets and macros to match!

Debug Messages - This is off by default but can be switched on at any time. Turning on the Debug Messages option simply causes a plentiful amount of additional text to be output to the player's chat window as they use ConvergeFu reporting on what is going on internally. It's handy when debugging features or working on new functionality if you are a developer, it's not exactly exciting otherwise, just a tad spammy. You'll easily spot all the additional 'debug' text as it always begins on a new line with the word "DEBUG" at the beginning in bright red to catch the eye. Go developers!!

Tool 11 - Version Check A simple tool for displaying the versions of ConvergeFu currently being used by members of the guild. Display can be routed to either the chat window or a popup window. Additionally, a "missing" option enables you to list to one of several chat destinations (RAID, OFFICER, CHAT etc) players that do not appear to have a copy of ConvergeFu installed and working as required.

Important Note: You *must* perform a Version Check shortly before performing the Missing Check because the process of performing the version check updates the addon's list of who does and who does not have a copy of ConvergeFu installed and working. Note also, the Missing Check only applies to members of the current raid group.

Hidden Features and Functions of ConvergeFu First of all, you can access any of the features available in the ConvergeFu menus via the chat window's command box. Simply enter "/confu" to begin and you'll be shown a selection of additional parameters to use. Some further examples are below and you can of course use these same commands in your macros. You may for example want to bind a ConvergeFu option to a button on your menubar. Alternatively, this ensures that nearly all the functionality of ConvergeFu is also available to those that don't wish to have FuBar visible and/or ConvergeFu displayed on their minimap.


/confu - Show the basic parameters of ConvergeFu. /confu announce guild invites banasea - Inform members they should whisper Banasea for a raid invitation. /confu addons dbm timer_bio_07min - Start a 7 minute bio-break timer.

In addition to the command-line way of working with ConvergeFu, there is some additional functionality that is not available directly from the addon's menus or command-line. One such feature is the whisper-responder that can provide predefined responses to specific whispers. The main example of this is the "guildinfo" response.

Converge regularly advertises itself in the GuildRecruitment channel in addition to its other efforts. Due to the brief nature of this message format, interested parties are encouraged to whisper "guildinfo" to the advertising officer for more info. Should they do so, they receive a longer 5-part message containing details of the guild's raiding practices, progression and requirements along with information on where to go if they want to learn even more or make an application to join the guild. Try whispering "guildinfo" to a fellow member that you know is running ConvergeFu sometime to see how it works.

The ConvergeFu API The ConvergeFu API lists in the region of 164 different functions at the time of last updating this guide that provide the functionality that the addon provides. To view the API, simply call the function "ConvergeFu:ShowAPI(channelName)" where channelName is the name of the channel that you want the display routed to. (Typical options include "RAID", "GUILD", "PARTY", "CHAT" and so on.)

With this knowledge in hand, you can then freely call the functions that comprise the ConvergeFu API from your own addons should you so wish. Although most of the functions are of limited external use, there are many that might well be handy to other addons.

NB: API = Application Programming Interface - it just means the 'menu' of functions/options available to be called from other pieces of software.

Downloading ConvergeFu ConvergeFu may be downloaded from either of the following two pages:

WoWAce: http:www.wowace.com/projects/fu-bar_converge-fu/
Curse: http:wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/fu-bar_converge-fu.aspx

FuBar Tips and Tricks If you are not familiar with the FuBar menubar addon which ConvergeFu is a dependent plugin for, then the following tips and tricks may come in handy.

First of all, if you have no room or desire to see the menubar in your user interface (UI), you can tell FuBar to autohide itself whenever you move the mouse away. Simply right-click on an empty area of the FuBar menubar to bring up the FuBar/Rock configuration window. Look for the FuBar option "autohide top..." and "autohide bottom..." (bar/panel) and tick them as you wish to have the menubars autohide.



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