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  • 3.2.0


John Pasula:
    - fix tables.
    - Add code to work with troll -> human and human -> troll transfers, going to make sure logic is sound before adding more db tables.
    - Will now go through the default change list for mounts and print them out (aka accurate for orc -> human transfers only
    - Will display mounts you don't have with a different flag.
    - Add the changing mounts based on faction pairings.
    - Going to need the racelist for a lot of functions so move it up a level.
    - Modify code to make a bit more sense with respect to scanning.  ScanCharacter just was doing reps and nothing else.  It's been renamed.
    - Add default mounts for horde/alliance.
    - Move the scan character to it's own do block.
    - Fix minor scoping issue - move the faction to same faction transfer check to the scoping instead of slash command.
    - Add scoping.
    - Add support for viewing faction transfers from opposing faction to your faction.
    - Spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out why I was concatting a nil when it turns out I just can't spell worth crap.
    - Fix handling of second parameter when you're using slash commands.
    - Fix regex
    - Apparently I can't spell Draenei
    - Fix ToC w/ reference to Babble Zone
John Pasula:
    - Do some more debug work nad try to deal with the changing factions.
    - Fix var ordering
    - Fix a typo.
    - Command line now checks to see if we're trying to scan impossible faction transfers.
    - Add slash command handling
    - Fix babble typos.
    - Fix another type.
    - Add the dynamic faction tables into the mix.
    - Fix another error in the code.
    - Remove some rep table code.
    - Update the tables with alliance data.
    - Add Babble Race to the mix.
    - Update debug text.
    - Change scope of ParseReps.
    - Correct spelling errors.
    - Fix table.wipe
    - Convert all factions to names.
    - Will print out a few factions from Horde -> Alliance
    - Sort the horde factions.
    - Add faction scanning.
    - Add skeleton for code. /fta is the slash command.
    - Add embeds.xml
    - Add .pkgmeta

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