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  • Add this location to TomTom waypoints
  • Always show
  • Color of the tracking circle.
  • Enable: %s
  • Hide %s quests except for categories checked below.
  • Icon Alpha
  • Icon Scale
  • Ignore quests given by %s
  • Ignore the main status filter and don't show completed quests.
  • Ignored %d quests
  • Meet level requirement
  • Minimap Icon Tooltips
  • Never show
  • Only show quests that you meet the level requirement for
  • Only while tracking
  • Override Main Status Filter
  • Quest Givers
  • QuestGivers Pin Options
  • Show %s quests
  • Show Minimap Icons
  • Show Nodes on Minimap Border
  • Show Tracking Circle
  • Show World Map Icons
  • Shows more Nodes that are currently out of range on the minimap's border.
  • The alpha transparency of the icons
  • The distance in yards to a node before it turns into a tracking circle
  • The scale of the icons
  • Toggle showing Minimap icon tooltips.
  • Toggle showing Minimap icons.
  • Toggle Showing of Categories
  • Toggle showing the tracking circle.
  • Toggle showing World Map icons.
  • Tracking Circle Color
  • Tracking Distance

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