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  • _ForgeUser11806103 created this issue May 18, 2014

    I posted suggestions at the PhoenixStyle addon forum, to improve his fail list and i want to help EnsidiaFails too because i used a lot of time both addons, so, i post the same suggestion.

    In Paragons of Klaxxi there are 12 skills that the players needs to avoid or lesser the damage to improve the survival of the fight and be able to kill the boss.

    1) Whirling []
    This spell is a debuff received by the people that doesn't move when Ka'roz the Locust uses his skill Flash (that start when Ka'roz says a emote that i don't remember).
    Sometimes players gets the debuff but don't receive any damage (combinations of skills or bugs) and it's not a fail because the boss protects the player from the damage of the debuff. Another thing important to know about the skills is that the debuff multihit the same player, so it's important that the addon only reports 1 fail, not 1 fail each of the ticks of the debuff.

    2) Sonic Pulse []
    Hisek the Swarmkeeper uses his skill Rapid Fire to throw several moving balls that must be avoided always by all the people, when someone gets hit by them, suffers dot damage (Sonic Pulse = instant damage dot). It's important to know what players gets hit by this skill because the damage is 100% avoidable and several times you cannot see if the tanks and melee dps gets hit by this skill.

    3) Eerie Fog []
    Xaril the Poisoned Mind uses three diferent toxins in heroic, Reaction Green/Orange/Purple, each of this skills leaves a void zone on the ground, each of them is different but all of them must be avoided 100%, so, if you receive any damge of the three void zones, are fails. Reaction Green leave a green void zone that when you are inside the zone you receive a debuff name Eerie Fog that causes periodic damage for a massive amount of damage. the fifth and sixth are the other two void zones.

    4) Explosive Ring []
    Reaction Orange from Xaril the Poisoned Mind, you receive instant damage each second that you are inside the big orange void zones. The damage must be avoided 100%, so when a player receives damage, it's a fail.

    5) Canned Heat []
    Reaction Purple from Xaril the Poisoned Mind, you receive instant damage each second that you are at the purple void zone. There are three different Canned Heat spells, but the most important is the one that causes damage to the players. Others players receive a debuff with the same name (the ones that causes the void zones to be created), the important fail is receive damage, not the others debuff.

    6) Vicious Assault []
    When Korven the Prime stuns the tank, he uses Vicious attack a cleave attack in front of him. The players that receives that damage, and aren't tanks, are failing and the RL must know that. Only one tank must receive the damage from vicious attack, so, if it's possible to report when the two tanks receives the damage, it will be the best, but is a minor improvement.

    7) Faulty Mutation []
    Rik'kal the Dissector transforms random dps players in Amber Scorpions, if that players don't kill a parasite (mobs summoned by Rik'kal), they will get insta kill by Faulty Mutation. The problem tracking this skill is that the players don't suffer any damage, they are insta killed.

    8) Sonic Projection []
    Kaz'tik the Manipulator uses this skill at the current position of the tank and damages all the players in a cone in front of him. When a player that isn't tank receives damage from that skill, is a fail. The tank can avoid this damage, but it's difficult and sometimes unavoidable, so, the best is to ignore the tanks fails for that skill.

    9) Caustic Amber []
    When Ka'roz uses the skill Hurl Amber, throws amber (Caustic Amber = void zone) at the feets of some people, in heroic you must avoid to receive more than one tick of that skill, so it's a fail if you receive more than 300k of damage of Caustic Amber.

    10) Reave []
    When Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver jumps to a player, in heroic he starts his Reave skill and damages all the players. The fail in that skill is when someone doesn't run away from him (the damage is bigger the closer you are to kil'ruk. When a player receives more than 500k damage by this skill in less than 10 seconds, is a fail.
    This skill is a little difficult to accurate the fail. It will be helpfull to know when a player receives 400k and when he receives more than 500k.

    11) Fiery Edge []
    Iyyokuk the Lucid uses Insane Calculation: Fiery Edge, to link players with lines of fire. The lines of fire damages all the players that touch the lines and the players connected by them. The damage is bigger the closer you are to the others players that you are linked. If a player receives 750k or more damage in 6 seconds by the skill "Fiery Edge", it's a fail. It's important to know when a player receives too much damage from this skill, because the healers will need to do extra job to heal them and is avoidable. Insane Calculation last 6 seconds and is used with 30 seconds of cooldown.

    12) Sonic Resonance []
    The most important thing is to know when a player is damaged two or more times by the Sonic Resonance. If it isn't possible to track the hits done by the spell in a range of 1 second, it will help to know when a player receives more than 200k of damage by the Sonic Resonance in less than 1 second. All the players that receives several damage from Sonic Resonance are failing.

    Sorry for my bad english, i tried to explain myself, but i have my limitations :).

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