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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.1.0

    New 3.1 datas!
    Make wowhead score settings save per-char
    Add weight scores for uncommon items (seriously, this is super useful for NR quest rewards... damn!)
    Sort the tooltip displays
    Add wowhead weight datasets (only the sets for your class will be loaded)
    Add config panel
    New data! WHEEEEE!
    Add support for new non-item currencies
    Add "weighted iLevel" module, for comparing rare and epic items to uncommons
    Add S4 item sets
    Update PvP costs
    Updated drop info
    Add item type/subtype module
    Add raw food list for BC items
    New data!
     - Season 2 & 3 non-set items
     - Season 4 set item costs
     - Sunwell T6 token data (Twins not included since they drop random tokens)
     - Ahune drops
    Add some new mined data
    Run miner, update existing datasets
    GetItem can return nil, joy...
    Removed Dongle
    AddonLoader goodness
    Split up into data modules, added lots of new data:
     - Drop sources (NPCs)
     - Drop locations
     - Badge of Justice costs
     - Spirit Shard costs
     - Stack size
     - iLevel
     - PvP gear (source only, no prices yet)
     - ItemID
     - User-created notes
    Engrave compare tips as well