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  • "%s" is an invalid channel to toggle comms in.
  • %s is set as your main.
  • /egs channel <raid/party/battleground/guild> - Toggles the addon communication channels to respond to
  • /egs list - Lists your current settings
  • /egs main - Sets this character as your main, to pull experience data from
  • /egs send <name> - Sends your gear to <name> so they do not have to request it
  • battleground
  • guild
  • Listing configuration
  • No characters set as your main yet.
  • No longer responding to addon communications in %s.
  • No longer using %s as your main.
  • No player name entered to send gear data to.
  • Now responding to addon communications in %s.
  • Only watching addon communications over the whisper channel.
  • party
  • raid
  • Sent your gear to %s, may take a minute or two to show up for them.
  • Set %s as your main.
  • Slash commands
  • Watching for addon communications in: %s

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