Manual addition of character names #140

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  • sbb347 created this issue Sep 6, 2010

    Not sure if this was previously considered or not.  Sometimes, some players are so horrid that they deserve a note on every toon they have. And that means entering their names from the chat prompt.

    I suspect it'd be something similar to...

    /eg add [name] [rating] [comment]

    /eg add joocee 1 Total F*tard
    ...the user would wash, rinse, repeat for every known alt of this person.

    Obviously - you'll want to propercase the name.
    Not sure if realm name should be supported or not.

  • sbb347 added the tags New Enhancment Sep 6, 2010
  • killerpet posted a comment Oct 1, 2010

    I was just on my way here to suggest this. This would be a fantastic addition. Even if it creates just a blank profile if the profile is empty and you try access them.

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