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tag v0.15-beta
Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
2010-01-09 19:20:53 -0800

Tagging as beta 0.15


    - Updated unit tests
    - Added /eg rate, works the same as /rate just another alias for it
    - Tweaked party notes to account for rating being moved
    - Added raid notes, works the same as party notes but with a specific interface for supporting 10-25 people, use /rate to open
    - Changed raid summary to inspect in an instance only, rather than being locked to raid instances
    - Added the ability to create a core table with data rather than a unit
    - Line break fix
    - Notes can now be edited or added for players through /eg
    - Updating to force repackage to fix localization bug
    - Fixed error when using the raid summary
    - Testing if git still works
    - Added raid notes file just so there are no errors
    - Visual tweaks to the raid summary layout
    - Added a status text to the top left indicating how many people are waiting to be inspected
    - Fixed buttons except name having pushed offsets
    - Removed position in queue identifiers as they are inaccurate now
    - Improved the inspect queue, should be much faster now especially when some units are out of range
    - You can now toggle the detailed user frame by clicking on the names in the summaries
    - Added override for Greater Inscription of the Gladiator, now a tank/pvp enchant
    - Fixed ElitistGroup.lua:47 error when clicking a loading player through the summary
    - Fixed ordering to prevent trinkets with armor penetration on them being flagged as a tank item
    - Updated unit tests
    - Fixed error when mousing over LDB plugin
    - Moved group_notes.lua -> party_notes.lua in preparation for setting notes on raid
    - Mousing over experience for dungeons will give you a full report of their experience, how many times they have killed what boss and what achievements they have. This only shows the stats/achievements that are used for calculating experience
    - Changed summary to only show if you are in a raid or party, not sure if this will stay as-is or it'll be moved back to raid instance only
    - Removed "More Dots" from achievement list for Onyxia 10/25
    - Fixed The Twilight Zone for 25-man Sartharion being the 10-man version
    - Moved data tables to be loaded as needed rather than all the time
    - Refactored a lot of the data tables into their own areas so it's not just a mass of using the ElitistGrooup namespace, more to come
    - Renamed data.lua -> talent_data.lua game restart required
    - Updated tests
    - Fixed certain stats not being recorded such as Falric kills in Halls of Reflection

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