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  • BrownChickenBrownKow created this issue Dec 15, 2018

    can't recall if this happened before 8.1, let's assume it didn't,

    when i log in and check my guild chat log i can see the name of the person + the timestamp but the text is always the same: "UNKNOWN".

    i have tried to reset the guild log from within the addon and even actively deleted the .lua and .lua.bak from savedvariable


    looking into one of the .lua files after typing something on gchat (just text, not an item link) and i found this line


    ["arg1"] = "|Kv53|k",



  • BrownChickenBrownKow posted a comment Dec 16, 2018

    the file seems to have the same content on toon-swap but the addon is able to grab the correct text, i have several lines with:

    ["arg1"] = "|Kv1|k",

    ["arg1"] = "|Kv2|k",

    ["arg1"] = "|Kv3|k",

    ["arg1"] = "|Kv4|k",


    but inside the addon i can see what was being said... so weird

  • Ashaani posted a comment Jan 13, 2019

    I've just run into this same issue as well, specifically in guild officer chat; the past few sessions' worth of logs just say "Unknown", with the same "|Kv#|k" signature in Elephant.lua. I haven't ever noticed it happen before now, but searching elsewhere in that file I see the same thing happened a few times before in regular guild chat as well, the earliest recorded occurrence for me being December 11th.

  • Netsurfer7332 posted a comment Mar 23, 2019

    I have been having this issue for months as well, hoping updates would destroy it etc., but so far, nothing. But my issue is far worse than yours, it seems - literally ALL I get is Unknown, or at least almost always.  Right now, I'm looking at a chat log of 100% Unknown in elephant.  Curiously, for the first time yesterday, I saw ONE instance of 'Unknown' in my non-elephant chat log.  But this was odd, in that I saw some chat, and then 10 minutes later I scrolled back up to it, and it had been REPLACED with 'Unknown'.


    Has anyone figured anything out as to how to fix this?  



  • AllInOneMighty posted a comment Jul 18, 2019

    Unfortunately, this is an artifact coming from privacy protection made by Blizzard in the game (which is good, but then has some drawbacks).


    Let me explain. When a Battle.net friend talks with you, the AddOn catches the message in order to log it. In order to protect people's real name from being "sniffed" from AddOns, the Blizzard API automatically replaces the full name with an ID. That's the ones that you've mentioned above, for example "|Kv#|k".


    As of before, for sure, these ids seemed to be unique per person. For example, "John Smith" would always be identified by "|Kv1234|k". In recent updates of the game however, the same ID can be used for several people, and AddOns have absolutely no control over it.


    Additionally to this, Battle.net names that correspond to an ID such as "|Kv#|k" are ONLY shown if a the corresponding person (whoever it is, as decided by the game) is online when you're reading the logs. So, for example, if "John Smith" sent you messages in your previous game session but is not logged in when you read the logs, then the name might appear as "Unknown". Or worse, as "Julie Nobody" if there is another person logged in that is considered by the game, at that time, to be that person.


    tl;dr - The game assigns IDs to Battle.net friends that are not consistent, so names sent by Battle.net friends can be swapped seemingly randomly. Also, if your Battle.net friend is not connected at the time you check the logs, their name might appear as "Unknown".

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