Logs lost when server *crashes* #44

Assigned to allinonemighty
  • MisterCreic created this issue Oct 10, 2018

    Whenever the server crashes (note: not a disconnection) the log to "WoWChatLogs.txt" isn't saved. This results in massive gaps of text being lost. Any chance of being able to implement something for this?

  • AllInOneMighty closed issue Jul 18, 2019
  • AllInOneMighty posted a comment Jul 18, 2019

    Unfortunately, if the game crashes, all the addon information that is currently in memory is lost. This isn't something an AddOn can force, as the save to file is done by WoW only when it's quit properly (Alt+F4 works too). You can force a write to the file by reloading your UI however.

  • AllInOneMighty self-assigned this issue Jul 18, 2019

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