File logging xtensionxtooltip2 despite disabled/filter #41

  • fryingp4nic created this issue Jul 12, 2018

    I have disabled the channel AND created a number of filters (xtensionxtooltip*  xtension* xtensionx* xtensionxtool*). It's not being logged in the in-game interface but it does get saved in the log documents (it is set to "Log normal chat", but not to "Log combat chat").


    The channel is used by the Total RP 3 addon. The lines being logged look like so:


    7/7 21:55:33.472 [2. xtensionxtooltip2] Murbinon: GHI2ChannelReadyCheck
    7/7 21:55:42.572 [2. xtensionxtooltip2] Azaría: GHI2ChannelReadyCheck

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