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  • teutelquessir created this issue Mar 10, 2018

    For some odd reason, Elephant is doubling the text logged for me.  I deleted the Elephant folder from my addons and reinstalled it and it's still doing it.  It wasn't doing this before this past Tuesday (06MAR2018).


    Logging started on 03/10/2018 at 21:28:50.
    [S] [110:Zhalàr]: Test
    [S] [110:Zhalàr]: Test
    [S] [110:Zhalàr]: This is a test.
    [S] [110:Zhalàr]: This is a test.

  • teutelquessir added a tag New Mar 10, 2018
  • AllInOneMighty posted a comment Feb 1, 2020

    This seems to come from another addon that you have installed. Did you try to disable all other addons and only run with Elephant enabled for a bit and see what happens?

  • AllInOneMighty self-assigned this issue Feb 1, 2020

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