Have "log chat to file" settings be saved globally #24

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  • _ForgeUser383456 created this issue Jul 10, 2013

    Hello! I have been using Elephant for years, even back when it was called Chatlog, so thank you very much for providing such an indispensable addon -- it is always the first thing I enable, and I hate to even try to play without it. I require all of the officers in my guild to use it and have chat logged to file so we have a record if there is anything that needs to be referenced later.

    Now the meat of my suggestion:

    Very simply, it would be extremely helpful if the "log chat to file" settings could be across all characters on an account rather than on a per-character basis. I can't remember how many times I have rolled a new alt, only to remember an hour later, whoops! I need to turn Elephant's logging on! Now obviously this is my memory problem, not a fault of the addon, but having the setting be global (even optionally) would be extremely nice!

    (Actually having the option to have all of the settings be global or not would be nice. I use the same settings across all of my characters anyway.)

  • _ForgeUser383456 added the tags New Enhancment Jul 10, 2013

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