Real ID whispers (toggle copy on off) or enable copying. #20

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  • _ForgeUser2657911 created this issue Apr 16, 2011

    Some times you get an important message you would like to copy through your Real id,
    or just some random funny, you want to share with guildies.
    therefore I think having a button to toggle your Real id whispers as being copyable or not vie interface or something would be great,
    or just make it copyable as default.

    hope you find this suggestion good and consider it with an update.

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  • AllInOneMighty posted a comment Mar 26, 2012

    Hello ronin4ever,

    Well, it's more about the Blizzard privacy settings about games than about my will of not allowing Real ID chats to be copied. As you may know, Real ID player names are never made available to AddOns, meaning every single name in the logs will always appear as "Unkown".

    I may try to find a workaround to this, but to my knowledge there is none. :(

    I'll give it a closer look soon.

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  • MadameRachelle posted a comment Dec 1, 2012

    Prat has worked around this but it's a bit messy. Yes, I understand Blizzard wants to protect the privacy of other people who whispered you (Real ID was a bad idea to begin with anyway), but I do think that the lines should be copyable regardless.

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  • Dxbi posted a comment May 26, 2017

    Is this on the horizon? I just had to type a lengthy chat message because Elephant would not let me copy it. Replacing "Unknown" by the player name would not have been much work...

    Edited May 26, 2017

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