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Assigned to jokeyrhyme
  • jokeyrhyme created this issue May 21, 2009

    This isn't a cooldown, but it would be nice to track.

    If the user has this enabled, an entry in the tooltip would appear for any character that has not yet got their gem pouch for the month. I'd have to make it so that the user could force some characters to remain hidden.

  • jokeyrhyme added the tags New Enhancment May 21, 2009
  • jokeyrhyme posted a comment Jun 24, 2009

    ought to be fixed in r23

  • jokeyrhyme removed a tag Fixed Jul 6, 2009
  • jokeyrhyme added a tag Started Jul 6, 2009
  • jokeyrhyme reopened issue Jul 6, 2009
  • jokeyrhyme posted a comment Jul 6, 2009

    Encountering a strange bug, even in v0.4-beta2, where the pouch is just plain not detected. As such, characters are not being flagged as having the reputation, and we aren't recording the current month for later comparison purposes. Quite frustrating.

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