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2009-06-25  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

[0b7d3f26d594] [tip]
* EggTimer.lua

- fixed a type with the calendar prompt queue

* CalendarPrompt.lua CalendarPrompt.xml EggTimer.lua EggTimer.toc Locales/deDE.lua Locales/enUS.lua Locales/esES.lua Locales/esMX.lua Locales/frFR.lua Locales/koKR.lua Locales/ruRU.lua Locales/zhCN.lua Locales/zhTW.lua options.lua

- this version is very likely broken
- ticket 9: consortium gem pouches are now tracked
- ticket 5: savedvariables now reorganised (you will lose your current EggTimer data)
- ticket 8: expiries no longer trigger the removal of  non-expired entries
- ticket 4: FuBar support has gone the way of the dodo, /bye
- frame setup for calendar prompt now performed in XML
- localization has begun
- options broken out into separate .lua file
- tooltip layout now very similar to SavedInstances' tooltip

2009-06-24  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta:

- embed LibSink-2.0 correctly

* .pkgmeta:

- okay, LibDBIcon-1.0 embedded properly for sure this time :)

* .pkgmeta:

- embed LibDBIcon-1.0 correctly (hopefully)

* .pkgmeta:

- don't embed/fetch LibBars-1.0 in .pkgmeta just yet

* EggTimer.toc

- don't load LibBars-1.0 in .toc just yet, since it isn't used for anything

* .pkgmeta, EggTimer.toc

- add missing libraries to .pkgmeta and .toc

2009-04-08  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta, EggTimer.toc

- embed LibQTip-1.0 properly
- remove CallbackHandler-1.0 from .toc

* .hgignore, .pkgmeta:

- embedding latest LibQTip-1.0 beta (r66)
- not embedding CallbackHandler-1.0
- not packaging .DS_Store files (grrrrr Mac)

2009-02-25  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta:

- embed latest LibQTip-1.0 beta (r57)

2009-02-16  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta:

- embedding the latest Ace3 beta (Beta-r741)

2009-02-14  ron  <ron@nitidus.bachelorpad>

* .pkgmeta:

embedding new LibQTip-1.0 beta (r55-beta)

2009-01-27  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* EggTimer.lua ItemDB.lua

- added Lunar Festival Invitation to the perishables DB

2009-01-25  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .pkgmeta, EggTimer.lua

- update .pkgmeta to ignore Mercurial files instead of SVN files
- FuBar text should now be updated with LDB feed

2009-01-21  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v0.3 for changeset c40e9913eab6

[c40e9913eab6] [v0.3]
* EggTimer.lua

- update LDB feed with nearest perishable expiry (using AceTimer-3.0 now)
- announce when items expire (AceTimer-3.0 + LibSink-2.0)
- use OnInitialize for LDB/FuBar setup (no more PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD)
- minor optimizations

* EggTimer.lua

- using AceTimer-3.0
- updating LDB feed with nearest perishable expiry

* .hgtags:

Added tag v0.2.2 for changeset fc094e9697b7

[fc094e9697b7] [v0.2.2]
* .pkgmeta, EggTimer.lua EggTimer.toc

- embed CallbackHandler-1.0

2009-01-20  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v0.2.2-beta2 for changeset 8ae1474f3aca

[8ae1474f3aca] [v0.2.2-beta2]
* EggTimer.toc

- fixed AceGUI-3.0 and AceConfig-3.0 load order

2009-01-19  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v0.2.2-beta for changeset e88c36c4d35d

[e88c36c4d35d] [v0.2.2-beta]
* .hgignore, .pkgmeta, EggTimer.lua EggTimer.toc ItemDB.lua

- fixed AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets and LibSharedMedia-3.0 load order
- fixed missing LibSink-2.0
- fixed potential issue with class localization
- fixed incorrect tooltip in settings
- add "EggTimer" title to tooltip
- add "Zorbin's Ultra-Shrinker" to DB
- now use item codes instead of hardcoded item names for item detection
- explicity embed certain tagged versions of libraries where possible
- Announce, Bar and Tooltip settings hidden until features are fleshed out

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