2.7 release throws an error #5

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  • Turducken_McNugget created this issue Apr 15, 2012

    The new 2.7 release threw an error on log in

    Message: ..\AddOns\DRData-1.0\DRData-1.0.lua line 25:
       unexpected symbol near '['

    Seems like
        ["Bind Elemental"] = ["Bind Elemental"],
        ["Charge"] = ["Charge"],
        ["Intercept"] = ["Intercept"],
    should be
        ["Bind Elemental"] = "Bind Elemental",
        ["Charge"] = "Charge",
        ["Intercept"] = "Intercept",

    With those changes I stop getting errors for DRData, though I still do get errors thrown from TellMeWhen like "The DR category "bindelemental" is undefined!"  I don't know if that's their bug or yours.

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