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  • _ForgeUser1284228 created this issue Aug 1, 2013

    What is your Race, Class and Level?
    Taurren, Druid, 90

    What action bar mod do you use, if any?

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    Nourish and Regrowth are way off.  The DrD tooltip is showing avg heal numbers that are an order of magnitude too low.
    Rejuvination is being reported by DrD as only have 4 ticks when it has 5 ticks for me.

    If this is an accuracy issue, what is your exact spec and your damage attributes? (For spells SP, for melee abilities AP/RAP, weapon etc.). Armory links are helpful.

    What version of DrDamage are you using?

    Do you have an error log of what happened?

    Please provide any additional information below.

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  • _ForgeUser1922043 posted a comment Aug 15, 2013

    I second this. Swiftmend is reporting 4k when it hits for > 70k. Healing Touch is reporting 6.3k when it hits for > 100k. Regrowth doesn't support the Glyph of Regrowth. I also have the Rejuvenation problem with 1 too few ticks (I get 6, and DrDamage reports 4 normal, and 1 crit). However, the tick amounts appear to be correct. Wild Growth is correct. Right # of ticks, very close values.

    Armory link:

  • angosia posted a comment Sep 5, 2013

    @gozmolsa: Go

    I suspect this may be due to how Swiftmend works. With the correct addons, you can essentially cast Swiftmend on one target while targeting another (healbot, clique, etc). As a result, the values may definitely be off. The only thing of concern to me would be the haste values affecting the ticks. This is possibly affected by auras (like spell haste), but I'd like more detail.

    As in the case of the FAQ, please provide all details indicated if you want the issue looked into. I can't guess what the issue is without the necessary information.

    I'm going to mark this as waiting.

  • _ForgeUser1922043 posted a comment Sep 10, 2013

    Description: Resto druid numbers are way off. Tested *out of combat*, *targeting myself*, *casting on myself*.

    WoW version: 5.4

    DrDamage Version: 2.0.2-beta

    Class/Spec: Resto druid

    Errors: None

    Pre-combat stats:
      Intellect - 19608
      Spirit - 8912
      Spell power - 27582
      Spell Crit - 12.82% (1939 rating)
      Spell Haste - 16.36% (6953 rating)
      Mastery - 20.05% (4826 rating)

      Swiftmend - Tooltip says 3589 avg. Hits for ~78517
      Healing Touch - Tooltip says 5838. Hits for ~95084
      Regrowth (+Glyph of Regrowth :: no HOT) - Tooltip says 2666 avg, 5332 avg crit (regrowth has 100% chance to crit w/ the glyph). Crits for ~96326
      Rejuve (NO HARMONY BUFF) - Tooltip says avg 4 hits x 16547.5 + 1 crit x 33095. Values are correct, but I get 6 ticks with no buffs.
      Nourish - Tooltip says 1709 avg. Hits for ~31465

    In-combat stats: Tested while not in combat, so N/A

    Procs: None. I waited until there were no procs to test this

    Numbers listed in combat: N/A

    Buffs: None.

    Tier bonuses: "Swiftmend's ground effect can now heal 4..."

    Armory link:

    Note: As you can see, the numbers are pretty far off... damage seems fine, but healing numbers are WAY low.

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