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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.0


- General:
- Added a button into the options screen to reset options to defaults
- The pure actionbar text abilities (like mana spring totem, evocation, arcane torrent, melee class lifebloom/gift of the naaru etc.) now use the text colors set in the options screen
- Added option to modify mana text color
- Added Lifeblood actionbar text.
- Added a remove all talents option to the configuration screen
- Now caches the tooltip of Auto Attack since Blizzard updates it way too often.
- Added DrDamage:GetModifier(school) to get school related damage and crit modifiers. This enables support of partial elemental damage in physical type abilities. For example now Flametongue, Frostbrand, Scourge Strike and Necrosis gets the correct school modifier for the magical part
- Added additional check to see that GetInventoryItemLink is not nil (it seems that in some rare case GratuityLib:SetInventoryItem returned a non-nil value even when GetInventoryItemLink is nil)

- Death Knight:
- Added Black Ice effects to Scourge Strike shadow portion
- Corrected an error with Two-Handed Weapon Specialization calculation.
- Manually enabled Scourge Strike now counts as a disease
- Fixed Ebon Plague not applying modifier for Death Knights
- Bloody Strikes now correctly applies 15% per level to Heart Strike instead of 5%

- Druid:
- Added calculation for Thorns
- Added innervate actionbar text, only works for level 80 players currently
- Rend and Tear now correctly applies crit chance instead of damage to Ferocious Bite

- Hunter:
- Fixed Ranged Weapon Specialization applying incorrectly to a few abilities

- Paladin:
- Added calculation for Retribution Aura
- 4p T10 retri 10% bonus only applies to SoV/SoC's dd portion
- SoC can be parried and dodged
- Paladin 2p T8 retri bonus is in fact additive
- The Judgement text in the paladin tooltips is now properly localized
- Glyph of Judgement is in fact additive. I'll assume that T10 4 part bonus is also additive.
- Fixed Paladin 2h weapon spec to apply correctly to several abilities
- Apparently the Art of War is bugged and double stacks additively on Judgement of Light/Justice/Wisdom
- Fixed SoV/SoC's dot portion calculation in certain talent configurations
- Added mana gained calculation for Divine Plea
- Divine Plea now correctly only applies to holy shock, holy light and flash of light

- Rogue:
- Fixed Turn the Tables proc
- Rogue poison AP coefficients updated to 3.3 hotfix values

- Warlock:
- Curse of Doom now correctly receives bonus from school type talents like Shadow Mastery. On the other hand it's not boosted by Shadow Embrace, Haunt or Spellstones.
- Added Demonic Pact 5% self-bonus introduced in 3.3
- Capped Soul Siphon effects to 4 instead of 3 (seems like the description for the talent is wrong)

- Warrior:
- Corrected an error with Two-Handed Weapon Specialization calculation.

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