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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.0


1.7.2 released:

- Release for patch 3.3

- General:
- Added T10 setbonuses (except restodruid 2p, that's on the TODO list)
- Fixes to Gift of the Naaru
- Added possibility of displaying cast time on the actionbar (Will be GCD, full channel time or cast time depending on the spell)
- Added possibility to display GCD of instant casts in the tooltip by enabling the option for additional mana usage information
- Modified calculation engine to calculate haste effects for DoTs/HoTs. Related to this the tooltip now displays period between ticks with periodic spells, this doesn't cover all extra effects though as they're implemented in a way which doesn't support it
- Improved the configuration menu by adding icons into talent and buff/debuff selection menus
- Added missing healing buffs and debuffs

- Druid:
- Eclipse updated
- Rejuvenation updated
- Updated Gift of the Earthmother
- Added Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation

- Death Knight;
- Scourge Strike and Unholy Blight changed
- Glyph of Icy Touch added

- Paladin:
- Divine Storm is not normalized
- Flash of Light HoT requires Infusion of Light talent

- Hunter:
- Fixed Black Arrow, the AP coefficient seems to be 0.117 RAP instead of 0.1 like Blizzard tooltip claims. Also Black Arrow 6% damage increase doesn't seem to apply to black arrow itself
- Fixed Volley calculation (hopefully), added haste effects to volley

- Mage:
- Added Glyph of Eternal Water
- All flamestrikes are now 2s cast
- Improved scorch doesn't stack anymore
- Added Glyph of Scorch

- Priest:
- Added new Glyph of Mind Flay
- Added Shadowform effects to VT and DP
- Improved Devouring Plague is now 10/20/30% instead of 5/10/15%

- Rogue:
- Fixed Envenom. Nobody told me it was wrong for all this time!
- Murder is a flat bonus to everything now, added envenom increase of chance for instant poison proc

- Shaman:
- Changed T9 elemental lava burst bonus to 10% dot dmg
- Added support for totem bar

- Warlock:
- Updated Molten Core talent
- Added backdraft effects to instant cast spells: Shadowfury, Shadowburn, Shadowflame, Conflagrate´
- Fixed Haunt to apply the Soul Sipphon effect
- Haunt now also properly applies to Drain Life and Drain Soul
- Fixed Unstable Affliction to properly have 5 ticks instead of 6 (Why didn't anyone tell me this was wrong!)
- Several fixes to firestone and spellstone calculations
- Fixed Soul Siphon
- Fixed Shadow Embrace to apply to Drain Life and Drain Soul
- Fixed Siphon Life talent
- Fixed Conflagrate
- Curse of Shadows rank 4 is now 11%
- Added Glyph of Quick Decay

- Warrior:
- Glyph of Victory Rush always grants crit bonus

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