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    Oct 18, 2009
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.2.0


- Main Feature: Converted addon to Ace3, removing FuBar2 and Dewdrop support. Now uses LDB + Blizzard Options configuration screen.

- Added: Summon Water Elemental
- Added: Divine Aegis calculation to Power Word: Shield Glyph average heal effect calculation. (As PW: S Glyph proc crit heals triggers Divine Aegis)
- Fixed: Divinity is now correctly multiplicative. Also double stacks divinity correctly when targeting self.
- Fixed: Altered Holy Light and Holy Shock coefficients to more accurate values
- Fixed: Rune Strike and Counterattack are now properly unavoidable
- Fixed: caster module dot resilience calculation (it was probably double stacking on a few abilities)
- Fixed: error with Seal of Vengeance Holy Vengeance debuff effect calculation
- Fixed: Death Knight error on 3.3 PTR
- Fixed: Warlock 4p T9 bonus
- Fixed: Sniper Training
- Fixed: Glyph of Explosive Trap
- Fixed: Hit calculation error with next melee type attacks while dual wielding

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