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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.2.0


- 3.2.2 changes, partly listed below:
- New Relics
- Added Combustion +50% increased crit bonus
- Added a delayed update trigger for weapon detection. This fixes an issue where calculations ignored your weapon after a game cache clear that causes weapon data to be unretrievable during DrDamage load. No weapon data was displayed until you re-equipped the weapon or relogged.
- Added new Volley AP bonus
- Changed Fan of Knives to 70%/105% weapon damage
- Added the maximum amount drained over 5 seconds for the Warlock spell Drain Mana as an actionbar text. The text will be displayed when targeting a hostile target with a non-empty mana bar. Since it's a fairly unique spell, the tooltip isn't displayed.
- Fixed 2p T9 Moonkin using a requirement of 4p.
- Glyph of Power Word: Shield now properly gets bonus from Focused Power, also crit is calculated into the average
- Added T9 10% bonus for divine aegis
- Glyph of Healing touch is -50% instead of * 0.50
- Paladin 4p T8 increases sacred shield coefficient by 10%
- Fixed GotN coefficient
- Fixed armor penetration to apply when in Battle Stance
- Overpower is now correctly unavoidable
- Removed duplicate entry of Sunder Armor from the warrior manual debuff options
- Added ranks 1-6 of Wound Poison to aura module
- Added Avenging Wrath 20% heal bonus
- Added Divine Aegis to Priest calculations
- SecureHook GameTooltip:SetAction to prevent totembar taint
- Seal of Vengeance/Corruption weapon damage bonus now scales with the amount of debuffs, with 5 giving the maximum 33%
- Resilience calculation now uses the appropriate resilience per 1% rating conversion based on your level instead of assuming max level, rating required for 1% also increased by 15%
- Fixed incorrect resilience damage mitigation calculation in melee module
- Changed Arcane Barrage coefficient from 3/3.5 to 2.5/3.5
- Changed Frost and Fire Ward ceofficients to 80.53%
- Altered Mirror Image coefficients, should be closer to the truth now

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