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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.2.0


- TOC update to 30200
- Added T9 sets and bonuses
- Added optional support for LibSharedMedia-3.0 for selecting fonts
- Improved font color selection to be a bit less cumbersome for the user,
- Fixed an error that could occur on laggy servers when your weapon isn't in the item cache
- Fixed CT_BarMod bars 2 and 3 not being registered to DrDamage
- Improved manual consumable and buff selection to take into account buff categories, meaning selecting a buff/debuff will disable others of the same category
- Manually selected AP consumables now properly add their AP bonus to spell type abilities
- Added default minimap position to FuBarPlugin to prevent it from jumping around
- Resilience affects all damage types, corrected a few minor bugs
- Cleared up the manually selectable buffs/debuffs option tables a bit by adding a few categories and removing some buffs/debuffs that aren't that interesting to manually include
- Now uses PLAYER_EQUIPMENT_CHANGED instead of UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED as it's more specific and also returns the changed slot, which is useful in a few cases, leading to a small performance improvement
- Temporary weapon buff checks still need to use UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED as that still seems to be the best way of doing it, but it's only registered for Death Knights, Shamans, Rogues and Warlocks

- Classes:
- Added stampede as bonus bleed effect, added armor penetration of curse of weakness
- Stormstrike, Rune Strike, Heroic Strike and Cleave aren't normalized
- Shield of the Righteous and Shield Slam block value bonus capped to 34.5 * player level and diminishing returns after 30 * player level

- Death Knight:
- Sigil of the Dark Rider applies 45 to base, 45 more with full diseases
- Sigil of Arthritic Binding bonus doesn't benefit from scourge strike disease multiplier
- Sigil of the Vengeful Heart correctly applies to Frost Strike now
- Frost Strike bonus altered to 3.2 PTR
- Blood of the North reduced to 3p talent 3%/6%/10%
- Added the base disease bonus to ranks 1-3 of Blood Boil (ranks 2 and 3 are intrapolated, so might be a bit inaccurate)
- Removed a few spelldamage buffs from DK manual selection as they aren't needed
- Added Threat of Thassarian
- New Disease Bonus values for Blood Strike and Scourge Strike
- Frost Strike now 55% weapon damage
- Blood Plague and Frost Fever damage increased by 15%
- Bloody Strikes nerfed
- Summon Gargoyle fixed 30s duration
- Added Desolation
- Unholy Blight redone

- Warrior:
- Devastate buffed to 100% weapon damage, bonus increased
- Execute capped to 30 rage

- Warlock:
- All ranks of improved shadow bolt now give 5% crit
- Fixed Ruin and Devastation not applying to Rain of Fire
- Fire and Brimstone nerfed, Pandemic also applies to Haunt

- Druid:
- Added update trigger for Wrath of Elune druid pvp set bonus
- Lifebloom bloom nerfed by 20%
- Swipe, Rip, Shred, Rake, Mangle(Cat) nerfed
- Added Nourish Bonus to Empowered Touch
- Rake dot portion is now properly considered a bleed

- Priest:
- Added shadow priest ranged mortal strike (Mind Trauma)
- Corrected t8 2p set bonus to apply correctly to devouring plague
- Corrected empowered renew calculation.
- Lightwell does not benefit from Blessed Resilience
- SW:P coefficient now slightly more accurate
- Updated prayer of healing coefficient to 3.2 value
- Corrected Divine Hymn coefficient to a more accurate guesstimate
- Divine Hymn can crit
- Corrected Penance coefficients and added the 3.2 12s cooldown
- Blessed Resilience is multiplicative

- Mage:
- Mage t7 2p nerfed to 25% increase to mana gems
- Empowered Frostbolt now reduces cast time instead of increased crit chance
- Fixed Critical Mass double stacking

- Paladin:
- Paladin Libram of Justice's buffed
- Added Sacred Shield hot to Flash of Light
- Shield of Righteousness now uses 100% of block value
- Added Glyph of Holy Wrath
- New versions of Seal of Vengeance/Corruption
- Removed Seal of Blood and Seal of the Martyr
- Judgement of Command no longer is a 100% crit chance against stunned targets
- Hand of Reckoning coefficient changed, corrected Flash of Light coefficient a bit
- Crusader Strike is now 0.75% Weapon Damage with a 4s CD
- Altered Judgement of Command damage
- Altered Illumination to new value

- Shaman:
- Tidal Waves now adds 25% crit chance to LHW
- Changed Healing Way to static bonus
- Chain Heal chain coefficient changed to 0.6 instead of 0.5

- Rogue:
- Sword Specialization -> Hack and Slash

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