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    Jun 23, 2009
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.1.0


- General:
- Some buff and talent engine optimizations
- Possible error fix for Melee.lua in some special cases when not using a weapon and requesting calculations for abilities that do require one

- Classes:
- Fixed Wound Poison to not use stacks anymore
- Fixed Chimera Shot to be Nature damage
- Fixed Mind Sear coefficient
- Soul Siphon now correctly only calculates self-cast affliction effects
- Added some code to shaman module to make sure string.match doesn't error if the actionbar addon for some reason won't return a rank for mana spring totem
- Fixed precision incorrectly applying 15% hit, instead of 3%
- Corrected Unholy Blight AP coefficient
- Rune tap can't crit
- Fixed some Death Knight glyphs not being detected
- Fixed calculation issue with warlock spellstone/firestone in combination with shadow mastery or emberstorm
- Added actionbar text to hunter, warrior and death knight Gift of the Naaru
- Swapped holy nova damage to "secondary" effect instead of healing