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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.1.0


- General:
- Improved tooltip handling for spells with AP and SP coefficients
- Improved hybrid class AP calculation handling
- Separated the coefficients line into two lines, making it hopefully less confusing
- Added armor based mitigation. Bosses have a known value (needs to be enabled in the options), for the rest you can now manually set mob armor to a value
- Added armor Penetration effects and buffs/debuffs
- Added Expertise, Dodge, Parry, and Glancing Blows (everything needs to be enabled separately if you want it to be taken into account)
- Added option for crit depression to melee module (-4.8% for bosses)
- Added 1s delay to UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED to make sure weapon buffs have had a chance to apply/disappear so they update properly
- Added wretching bile and shadow crash debuffs
- Added update triggers for health changes for the abilities effected (molten fury, death's embrace, drain soul, rend, victory rush, glyph of rejuvenation, earthliving weapon, prey on the weak, dirty deeds, merciless combat, test of faith, improved flash heal, glyph of sw:d)
- Added option for selecting between one/two roll hit calculation in melee module
- Fixed an error in Caster.lua related to using custom calculation variables
- Fixed error in dual-wield hit calculation
- Fixed target buff/debuff updates in some foreign locales

- Localization:
- Nuked all old localization tables cause it was incomplete and contained outdated keys
- Localization phrases are now automatically added from the wowace/curseforge localization application, if you feel you want the addon translated into your locale log on to wowace and assist in the translation process!

- Paladin
- Changed Holy Shield AP coefficient to 7.28% per charge
- Two-Handed Weapon specialization seems to double stack on the weapon damage portion, at least on paladin but I'll assume it does so on warrior and death knight as well. Someone tell me if it doesn't!
- Added stun effects for judgement of command
- Fixed damage modifiers to apply correctly to righteous vengeance

- Death Knight
- Removed +10 SP line from DK tooltips
- Unholy presence GCD reduction effects to caster module
- Death & Decay AP bonus seems closer to 0.048 than the 0.0475 generally reported
- Added Death Pact actionbar heal display
- Fixed Hysteria and Bloody Vengeance incorrectly increasing the blood plague portion of plague strike

- Rogue:
- Poison detection for mutilate should now work in all locales
- Added Rogue Poisons
- Fixed an error with Rogue mace specialization

- Priest:
- Penance can crit

- Druid:
- Predatory instincts now correctly applies to auto-attack in cat form

- Mage
- Added more stuns for glyph of fire blast
- Torment of the weak now triggers an update on more debuffs

- Hunter
- Fixed damage modifiers to apply correctly to piercing shots

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