DKP - Manager

This is an addon to provide easy DKP managment.

Simplicity is what drives this addon. Simple use, fast loot managment!

This addon requires DKP-Bidder.


Main features:

  • Auto award dkp after boss killed! Requires Deadly Boss Mods
  • Simple to use and is so simple to boot up, and start using!
  • the dkp points are stored in officer notes. Same as in QDKPv2
  • several bidding systems:
  • extras:
    • silent bidding
    • zero sum[on/of] points award,
    • second highest amount paid
    • dkp backup/restore
    • timer system, to make bidding faster with time limit
    • auto award
  • auction start from the loot window
  • decay all players points by % or cap everyone at chosen number!
  • log
  • simple dkp change
  • simple setting alts/mains
  • auto report looted items when is a master looter to the raid chat
  • transfer of dkp points between players[can be disabled]

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask in comments! Check screens to see how simple it is!


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