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tag v680
Maev81 <e.dias@live.com.pt>
2015-07-01 19:46:18 +0100

Tagging as v680


    - Core:
    ---- Fixed Alternate Power window not closing when an encounter ends.
    ---- Fixed target Radar window be in red color even if the targeted player is out of range.
    - Hellfire Citadel:
    ---- Archimonde: Added radar window on encounter start with 8 yards.
    ---- Archimonde: Changed code of Shackled Torment. Now it will count the targets and if the you is one of them on announce will say the order to break the link. New announces are Break First, Break Second and Break Third.
    ---- Archimonde: Now a 30 yards radar window will show if you are one of the target ones in Shackled Torment.
    ---- Kilrogg Deadeye: Added check for tracking Adds health.
    ---- Kilrogg Deadeye: Fixed Death Throes cooldown.
    ---- Kormrok: Tweaks.
    ---- Mannoroth: Mannoroth's Gaze SPELL_AURA_REMOVED fix.

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