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    Jun 26, 2015
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tag v675
Maev81 <e.dias@live.com.pt>
2015-06-26 18:54:45 +0100

Tagging as v675


    - Core:
    ---- Fixed issue when a top dropdown bar when called the time was less than transition time the bar will not move to center.
    ---- Fixed error when a encounter ends.
    ---- Some tweaks.
    - Plugins:
    ---- InterruptAnnouncer: Fixed bad id.
    ---- RaidAuras: Fixed coloring of target player.
    - Options:
    ---- Added Exclude role options to Raid Auras. Dps is excluded by default. Out of Combat messages are not excluded (ex: feast, repair,...)
    - Hellfire Cidadel:
    ---- Fel Lord Zakuun: Changed RumblingFissure message alert to a warning alert.
    ---- Gorefiend: Tweaked and made the range window only show for ranged.
    ---- Hellfire Assault: Added normal/heroic Adds and Vehicles cooldown timers.
    ---- Kilrogg Deadeye: Tweaks.
    ---- Kormrok: Fixed cooldowns and changed Enrage message to warning alert.
    ---- Mannoroth: Added Mannoroths Gaze, Imps, Inferno and Empowered cooldowns.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Removed Encounter Start for this encounter, it fires on trash.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Added health markers (30,55,80).
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Fixed errors during encounter with caused the alerts always report the playername.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Added Phantasmal FelBomb tracking and announce.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Added FelBomb, Fel Conduit cooldowns.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Added Fel Fire ground damage inform alert.
    ---- Socrethar: Tweaked unit tracking.
    ---- Socrethar: Added Felblaze Charge raidicon maker.
    ---- Socrethar: Added Gift of The Manari move away arrow.
    ---- Socrethar: Fixed Fel Prison message warning and changed it to warning alert.
    ---- Socrethar: Fixed some spell ids and tweaked the encounter.

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