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tag v670
Maev81 <e.dias@live.com.pt>
2015-06-18 17:15:18 +0100

Tagging as v670


    - Core:
    -- Tweaked code.
    -- Added warnings for enrage messages, now you get a warning when a encounter is at half time, 1 minute, 30s and 15s remaining.
    -- Added support for more channel sounds, now you have "Master", "Dialog", "SFX", "Music" and "Ambience".
    -- Added difficulty name indication to Pane.
    -- Added new plugin, InterruptAnnouncer. You can change its options in Configuration.
    -- Tweaked RaidAuras plugin.
    -- Added proximity sound for Radar, Radar window will have a icon to mute and unmute as well you can select a different sound by right click or in Configuration.
    - Options:
    -- Redesigned almost all dialog, some configurations was moved to be more centered.
    -- Added to Globals a new configuration to select a global color for all bars, with this you can select a different default color for the bars if you dont like the standard MIDBLUE.
    -- Added Pixel Perfect for all Anchors. Their configuration is in their specified section (Ex: Pane, Alerts, Windows). This is for the players that want bars to be in an perfect pixel spot on their uis.
    -- Added Configuration for Engaged and Defeated warnings in Alerts -> Messages.
    -- Added Configuration for Enrage messages in Alerts -> Messages.
    -- Tweaked Raidauras configuration and added option for Chat Messages.
    -- Added a Slash Commands section to inform the various chat commands that dxe have.
    -- Updated ruRU locale.
    - BlackRock Foundry:
    -- Blackhand: Hided phase two radar on LFR.
    -- Darmac: Added Rend and Tear warning.
    -- Hansgar and Franzok: Tweaked Body Slam target warnings.
    -- Kagraz: Fixed mythic message spam issue and tweaked the encounter.
    -- Kromog: Tweaked some cooldowns.
    -- The Blast Furnace: Fixed Mythic cooldowns.
    -- Thogar: Added Grenade target warnings.
    - Party Wod:
    -- Updated ruRU locales.
    -- Xeritac: Fixed Toxic Spiderling count.

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