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    Apr 2, 2015
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tag v665
Maev81 <e.dias@live.com.pt>
2015-04-02 21:39:13 +0100

Tagging as v665


    - Core: Added support for more Countdown Voices.
    - Core: Added some safeguards to alerts code.
    - Core: Tweaked Arrow system.
    - Core: Updated deDE, koKR, ruRU and zhCN locales.
    - Options: Updated koKR and ruRU locales.
    - Options: Added more options to exclude: Normal, Heroic and Mythic.
    - Options: Added Countdown Voice options in Sound Labels. For now English, Chinese and Russian Male/Female are available.
    - Tweaked RaidAuras plugin.
    - BRF Blackhand: Fully remade.
    - BRF The Blast Furnance: Tweaked.
    - BRF Darmac: Added Inferno Breath and Superheated messages, say and arrow.
    - BRF Darmac: Tweaked Call the Pack cooldown.
    - BRF Hansgar and Franzok: Made BodySlam arrow excluded on mythic, can be disabled in Options.
    - BRF Kagraz: Tweaked Molten Torrent say message and added a new alert bar -> Molten Torrent Active.
    - BRF Oregorger: Tweaked AcidTorrent count.
    - BRF The Iron Maidens: Added Convulsive Shadow on player message.
    - BRF The Iron Maidens: Added Convulsive Shadow on YOU alert.
    - BRF Thogar: Added icon markers for Grom Manat Armrs and Gromkar Firemender.
    - BRF Thogar: Added Split alert.
    - BRF Thogar: Boss skips a yell needed to arrow safe place, will need to test this further if its properly fixed.
    - BRF Trash: Tweaked and added Slag Behemoth.
    - WOD Tarlna: Added NoxiusSpit alerts.
    - WOD Tarlna: Added Genesis Active bar.

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