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    Mar 3, 2015
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tag v663
Maev81 <e.dias@live.com.pt>
2015-03-03 18:39:14 +0000

Tagging as v663


    - - Tagged for Release.
    - Core: Updated toc.
    - Core: Fixed say announce sometimes not working.
    - Core: Optimized target scanning.
    - Core: Fixed zhCN locale.
    - Options: Fixed zhCN locale.
    - Options: Updated ruRU.
    - Options: Added more phrases to be localized, check Localization on wowace dxe.
    - Darmac: Optimized Pinned Down warning.
    - Gruul: Fixed Slice count.
    - Hansgar and Franzok: Fixed Body Slam arrow and warnings.
    - Kagraz: Tweaked Charring Breath warning and debuff to tanks.
    - Kromog: Fixed StoneBreath and Call of the Mountain count.
    - Oregorger: Fixed Retched Black warnings and arrow.
    - The Blast Furnace: Optimized radar range and added a Blast Soon message.
    - The Iron Maidens: Tweaks and SpellID fixes.
    - Blackrock Foundry: Added Trash module.
    - Highmaul: All boss names are now localized.
    - Party Wod: Fixed multi radar issues.
    - Party Wod: Fixed start cooldowns.
    - WOD: Fixed Tarlna multi radar issue.
    - Core: Some fixes.  (v662-4 Alpha)
    - Options: Fixed sending boss abilities info to raid/party.
    - Options: Now boss names are localized.
    - Blackhand: Fixes and fully updated. <- needs review.
    - Darmac: missing Savage Howl message and some fixes.
    - Gruul: Tweaked Inferno Slice cooldown.
    - Kagraz: Tweaked Blazing Radiance.
    - Kromog: Tweaked Call of the Mountain.
    - The Blast Furnace: Fully updated <- needs review
    - The Iron Maidens: Fixed some cooldowns and added Deploy Turret incoming message.
    - Thogar: Changed Delayed Siege Bomb event and added colors to each lane cooldowns.
    - Blackrock Foundry: Added Trash module.
    - Highmaul: Removed TwinOgron debug code and error.
    - Highmaul: Changed Arcane Volatility from single target info to multi target info.
    - Gruul: Fixed Inferno Slice Cooldown and message. (v662-3 Alpha)
    - Kromog: Updated cooldowns.
    - The Iron Maidens: Fully updated the encounter.
    - Thogar: Fixed Trains cooldowns.
    - Darmac: Added missing Inferno Breath cooldown.
    - Oregorger: Added Retched Black Rock near you message.
    - The Blast Furnace: Added Bomb targets and fixed cooldowns. (Will fully update this encounter in next update)
    - Darmac: Added missing Rend And Tear id. (v663-2 Alpha)
    - Gruul: Updated enrage timers.
    - Hansgar And Franzok: Fully updated.
    - Kagraz: Fixed spam messages and added Rising Flames debuff.
    - Kromog: Fixed wrong timer and added missing messages and debuffs.
    - Updated ruRU locale on Blackrock Foundry. (by horws)
    - Updated ruRU locale on Highmaul. (by horws)
    - Core: Updated ruRU locales. (by horws)
    - Options: Updated ruRU locales. (by horws)
    - Core: Added new options for Announce, Message and Arrows.
    - Core: Fixed multi target radar.
    - Core: Added support for pausing/resuming cooldown bars.
    - Blackrock Foundry: Raid Added
    - Highmaul: Fixed some KargathBladefist cooldowns.
    - Highmaul: Fixed some Koragh cooldowns.
    - Highmaul: Fixed Margok multi target radar.
    - Highmaul: Changed Tectus marking icons.
    - Highmaul: Fixed TwinOgron multi target radar.
    - Highmaul: Updated locales for ruRU (horws) and zhCN (nrg3331). Thank you for your help.
    - Highmaul: Added Trash Molule.

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