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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 5.2.0


    - By players request, added KILJAEDEN02 and BLACK_Illidan_04 sound alerts (Alert 17 and 18) to better DBM to DXE transition.
    - Twin Consorts: Fixed Phase 2 message on pull.
    - Note: Both Twin Consorts and Iron Qon will have full review.
    - Lei Shen: Fixed Raid Icons Marking.
    - Dark Animus: Fixed Siphon Anima alert spam.
    - Invoker: Added missing RAID_BOSS_WHISPER event.
    - Added DBM Pull timers sync, more options to come.
    - IronQon: Fixed Arcing spam.
    - IronQon: Filtered Scorched Debuff on 25, can be disabled on IronQon Options.
    - TwinConsorts: Fixed FanOfFlamesDebuff wrong SpellID.
    - TwinConsorts: Fixed some messages display.
    - TwinConsorts: Fixed Blazing Daylight icon.
    (both IronQon and TwinConsorts will need further review)
    - Lei Shen: Fixed Bouncing Bolt Cooldown.
    - Primordious: Removed incorrect LFR check on Fully Mutated Debuff.
    - Jin'rokh the Breaker: Fixed Ionization on YOU message.
    - Dorumu: Tweaked messages.
    - Dorumu: Various fixes to the encounter.
    - Options: Fixed incorrect alerts values.
    - Dark Animus: Fixed incorrect Debuff alert for Anima Font (was always displaying YOU: Anima Font).
    - Dark Animus: Added Debuff alert for your Crimson Wake.
    - - Megaera: Fix RotArmor triggering Ignite Flesh alert.
    - Megaera: Better RotArmor, Ignite Flesh and Arctic Freeze message.
    - Tortos: Fix Heroic Crystal Shell (needs testing).
    - Dorumu: Changed the display of Force Of Will near you message and sound.
    - Dorumu: Added arrow to move away from the target affected by Force of Will if its near you.
    - JiKun: Fix wrong initial Quills cooldown.
    - Lei Shen: Fix Electick Shock message spam.
    - Options: moved option "replace Me with player" from Encounters->boss->Announces to Alerts->Announces. This makes it Global. By Default enabled (many player request).
    - - Fix no icons on some EJ abilitys.
    - Fix Megaera Icy Ground.
    - Fix Primordius ViscousHorror message.
    - update
    - - 1st version for 5.2 Throne Of Thunder

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