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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Putricide: Add spell ids for 25 hardmode.
    - Sindragosa: Add Icy Grip cooldown for phase 2 and Unchained Magic cooldown
    - Sindragosa: Add 25h spellids
    - Sindragosa: Add East East arrow for 25h
    - Saurfang: Fix enrage time on heroic modes
    - Marrowgar: Stop Bone Spike Graveyard cooldown on normal if Bone Storm casts
    - Lich King: Fix second Remorseless Winter duration on 25 normal
    - Putricide: Add spell ids for Unbound Plague 25 man heroic.
    - Sindragosa: Add spell ids for 10 man heroic.
    - Valithria: Spell ids for 10 man heroic.
    - Lanathel: Spell id for Essence of the Blood Queen for 10 man heroic.
    - Blood Princes: Update spellids for 10 man heroic.
    - Distributor: Allow floating point versions in format string
    - Raid Icons: Rewrite mark enemies using events (UNIT_TARGET & UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT)
    instead of raid member target polling. Add mouseover support.
    - Sindragosa: Increment Frost Beacon raid icon total to 6 for hard mode
    - Lanathel: Add 25h spellids. Use Swarming Shadows emote to detect Swarming Shadows on others
    - Putricide: Rest of the Unbound Plague work that I mistakingly didn't
    commit last commit.
    - Putricide: Add Unbound Plague for 10 man hard mode.
    - Lich King: Add a say announce for Necrotic Plauge.
    - Lich King: Split out the Necrotic Plauge Duration warning for self so
    you can have sounds/screen flashing for just yourself.
    - Gunship Battle: Add spell ids for 10 man heroic.
    - Deathwhisper: Add spell ids for 10 man heroic.
    - Festergut: Add throttle to Malleable Goo
    - Festergut: Add 25h spellid for Gastric Bloat
    - Festergut: Add 25h spellids. Add Malleable Goo warning
    - Rotface: Add 25h spellids for Ooze Flood and added new spellid for Sticky Ooze
    - Blood Princes: Add Empowered Shock cooldown
    - Rotface: Update 25h spellids
    - Add debug for UNIT_NAME_UPDATE to Core
    - Added TODO for Raid Icons
    - Blood Princes: Valanar is unit boss3
    - Blood Princes: Add 25h Empowered Shock Vortex spellid
    - Valithria: Add 25h spellids
    - Raid Icons: Convert icon to a number in HasIcon
    - Sindragosa: Only fire arrows on 25 and 25h
    - Remove SetRaidTarget as a noop -- fixes debug repo substitition
    - Lich King: Add raid icon marking for Valkyrs
    - Completed enemy marking and multi enemy marking features
    - Cleaned up resetting of raid icons by using CancelAllTimers
    - Cancel count_reset timers in case we use a super long reset time ex. Saurfang
    - Fix references to CancelTimer
    - Fix typo in code.
    - Added API for enemy raid icon marking
    Refactored friendly marking
    - Remove unnecessary debug in HealthWatcher
    - Register for UNIT_NAME_UPDATE if it's unittracing to update the name. UnitName("boss1") can equal UnitName("boss2") when bosses spawn
    Blood Princes: Change it back to unittracing
    Saurfang: Added Boiling Blood warning
    - Saurfang: Added Rune of Blood cooldown
    - Minor change to addon:GetRaidDifficulty()
    - Deathwhisper: Made Dominate Mind not spam on 25h
    - Marrowgar: Fix Bone Storm duration in normal modes
    - Deathwhisper: Adjust Cult timer for 10h
    - Lich King: Add warning for Shambling Horror's Enrage.
    - Blood Princes: Add says for Shock Vortex and Inferno Flame.
    - Lich King: Add raid icon for Necrotic Plauge placed by Lich King.
    - Deathwhisper: Only stop the Cult timer if on 10 or 25 normal
    - Fixed hard mode detection
    - Gunship Battle: Update 25h spellids
    - Deathwhisper: Added Dominate Mind raid marking. Adjusted Cult timer -- 25h
    - Deathwhisper: Shorten Cult Timer by 2s for 25h
    - Deathwhisper: Fixed cult timer on 25h
    Deathwhisper: Added Summon Spirit warning
    - Added an equivalent function to how GetRaidDifficulty used to behave before 3.3.2
    - Deathwhisper: Add 25h Frostbolt spellid
    - Deathwhisper: Add 25h DnD spellid
    - Marrowgar: Fix Bone Storm duration on 25m hard
    - Localization update
    - Lich King: Fixed second Remorseless Winter spell cast start spellid on 25m
    - Lich King: Add 25m Harvest Soul spellid
    - Lich King: Added a timer to show when the fight begins
    - Lich King: Throttle Valkyr alerts for 25m
    - Lich King: Add Soul Reaper Cooldown.

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