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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - remove print statement
    - Fixed alerts that were converted from simple to centerpopup or dropdown and had color1 as Clear
    - Lich King: Fixed Defile self warning spellids
    - Lich King: Added Vile Spirit cooldown for phase 3
    - Lich King: Changed Vile Spirit warning to a channel timer
    - Lich King: Defile warning now flashes screen by default
    Lich King: Added Harvest Soul cooldown for phase 3
    - Lich King: Added Harvest Soul raid icon mark
    - Lich King: Separated Raging Spirits into two warnings and converted them into timer bars
    - Lich King: Added Raging Spirit raid icon and made the warning warn for other people too
    - Lich King: Remove defilearrow until blizzard fixes the map when the edges are destroyed
    - Lich King: Fixed phase series
    - Lich King: Fix a typo in a comment.
    - Lich King: Shorten initial infest cooldown by 1 second
    - Lich King: Added second set of 10 man spellids for Remorseless Winter. Changed infestwarn into a cast bar
    - Lanathel: Adjust initial bloodbolt and incite terror timers again due to hotfix
    - Blood Princes: Fix text on shock warning
    - Lich King: Support for most of the spells in 25 man.
    - Lich King: Small tweak to Defile Cooldown.
    - Lich King: Add Harvest Soul Warning.
    - Lich King: Text tweak, try 2.  /sigh
    - Lich King: Text tweak.
    - Lich King: Add warning for when Vile Spirits are summoned.
    - Lich King: Add warning/cooldown for Infest.
    - Lich King: Better icon for the Summon Val'kyr Cooldown.
    - Lich King: Add Enrage, Defile Cooldown, Valkyr Cooldown, Soul Reaper
    Warning, Raging Spirit Warning.
    - Added map dimensions for The Frozen Throne
    - Sindragosa: Fix positioning arrows -- hasicon was missing the closing & and an additional attribute wasn't set
    - Sindragosa: Added detection for instability removal
    - Sindragosa: Fixed closing of hasicon func
    - Putricide: added malleable goo on self say
    - Lich King: Added yell trigger
    Lich King: Added necrotic plague duration, shambling horror warning and cooldown, defile cast and warning, remorseless winter warning and duration, quake warning, and valkyr warning
    Lich King: Added defile say, raid icon, and arrow
    - Validator: Allow SPELL_DISPEL as combat events
    - Sindragosa: Tweaked some text on positioning arrows for better context
    - Sindragosa: Add "player" as the unit to beacon arrows
    - Sindragosa: Added instability to self timer
    - Sindragosa: There are now 5 arrows in 25 man that tell you where to go when you get frost beacon
    - Arrows can now point to a predefined position using xpos and ypos keys
    in an arrow definition
    - Added 'hasicon' replace func for encounter strings
    - Fixed mana bar color not being set correctly ex. transitioning from Marrowgar to Deathwhisper
    - Blood Princes: Update emote for inferno flames
    - Valithria: Add timers for portals becoming active and closing.
    - Lanathel: update 25 man cooldown timers for bloodbolt whirl and incite terror due to hotfix
    - Blood Princes: revert back to npcid tracing. unit tracing had a name bug, possibly blizzard related
    - Sindragosa: Add spellids for Frost Bomb and Blistering Cold in 10 mans.
    - localize.rb add Locales.lua to blacklist
    - Valithria: Added detection for lay waste removal. tweaked some text and naming for consistency
    - Festergut: Throttle gas spore self warning
    - Handle power bar colors better -- use the three extra arguments from UnitPowerType if they exist
    - Valithria: Add timers/warnings for Corrosion, Lay Waste and Gut Spray.
    - Valithria: Add Enrage timer.
    - Valithria: Proper defeat detection.
    - Valithria: Add 10 man spellid for Mana Void and deal with hits as well as misses.
    - Lanathel, Blood Princes, Sindragosa: Add defeat triggers
    - Valithria: Fixed initial portal time
    Sindragosa: Added 10 man frost breath spellid
    - Added support for per encounter proximity range setting. Options are located in an encounters advanced settings

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