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tag v405
kollektiv <kollektiv@pc>
2009-12-08 11:05:19 -0500

Tagging as v405


    - Move the returns down so it compiles
    - Fixed typo in Lanathel
    Added stubs if a spell id doesn't exist for spell names and spell textures
    - Deathwhisper: Completed first version
    - Saurfang: Completed first version
    - Marrowgar: Updated based off Marrowgar hard mode data
    - Revert back to the 3.2 method of extracting npc ids from guids
    - Renamed Deathbringer -> Saurfang
    - Change AGSMW back to svn url
    - Added more options to warning messages for controlling what kinds of messages appear
    Alert duration messages will fire a before message regardless of how close it is to the popup message
    - Added map dimensions for dungeon levels 2-6 in Icecrown Citadel
    - Moved Warning Message options to its own tab in Alerts
    - Moved ColorText up in the file to fix scope issues
    - Added option to change before threshold and text coloring of warning messages
    - Added option to add in custom sound labels in Options -> Sounds. Sound files still have to be added in through SharedMedia.
    - Updated .pkgmeta to reflect AGSMW change to git
    - Anub: Renamed slashothers to slashwarn
    Jaraxxus: Renamed fleshothers to fleshwarn
    Always fire a before message for dropdown bars
    - Added warning messages for dropdown and centerpopup type alerts. Alert keys suffixed with dur (duration), warn (warning), self (affects yourself), or cd (cooldown) will fire warning messages. The format is "<text> - <timeleft>". dur, warn, and self will display a message when they appear. dur and cd will display a message before they end -- the default before threshold is 5 seconds; additionally, if the total time is less than before threshold + 5 seconds, a message will not be displayed before it ends to prevent spam. So, a timer bar with a total time of 9 seconds will display a message when it appears, but not 5 seconds before it ends.
    - Anub,Grobbulus,Archavon,Flame Leviathian,Hodir,Iron Council, XT: Pluralise keys that end with other
    - Sartharion: Renamed alert keys with arrives at the end
    - Noth: Renamed teleport alert keys
    - Mimiron,Northrend Beasts: Renamed phase transition alert keys
    - Loatheb: Renamed all alert keys
    - Anub naxx: Renamed locust swarm alert keys
    - KT: Renamed ktarrives to ktarrivescd
    - Hodir,Ignis,Mimiron,Thorim,XT: Added cd or warn to hard mode alert keys
    - Gothik: Rename gothikcomesdown to gothikcomesdowncd
    - Iron Council: Renamed fusionpunchcast to fusionpunchwarn
    - Thorim: Renamed frostnovacast to frostnovawarn
    - Mimiron: Renamed frostbombexplodes to frostbombexplodeswarn
    - Auriaya: Renamed feraldefenderspawn to feraldefendercd for consistency
    - Malygos: Renamed powerspark and deepbreath for consistency
    - Yogg: Renamed deafeningcast to deafeningwarn for consistency
    - Heigan: Added cd to the end of each alert key for consistency
    - Yogg: Renamed crushertentaclespawn to crushertentaclewarn for consistency
    - Northrend Beasts: Renamed crashcast to crashwarn for consistency
    - Valkyrs: Added Twin's Pact cast
    - Added an option to disable icons on warning messages
    - Festergut: Fire initial alert timers
    Lanathel: Added npcid and changed the zone (why is the zone different?)
    - Marrowgar: Updated Bone Storm spellid
    - Added IcecrownCitadel level 1 commend
    - Added IcecrownCitadel level 1 dimensions
    - Valithria: Added mana void on self
    - Valithria: Added portal cooldown and warning
    - Valithria: Added defeat detection and portal detection
    - Added defeat command
    - Increased distributor version
    Added invoke command
    Added spellid2 to encounter data--looks at select(10,...), the second spellid usually in SPELL_INTERRUPT
    Faction Champions: Optimized Hellfire interrupt detection
    - Marrowgar: Completed first version
    - Gunship Battle: Add Saurfang and Muradin npc ids
    - Convert to unix line endings
    - Gunship Battle: Finished first version
    Sindragosa: Finished first version
    - Reduced volume on FF1_Victory.mp3
    - Iron Council: Fixed enrage time (15m)
    - Algalon: Fixed defeat trigger
    - Anub: Changed shadow strike timer to 30.5
    - Anub: Add 1.5 seconds to shadow strike timer when leeching swarm is casted
    - Sindragosa: Rename icetombcast->icetombwarn
    - Sindragosa: Added air duration time
    - Sindragosa: Added air phase cooldown
    - Sindragosa: Completed first version. Still a lot of cooldowns to get
    - Custom bars with the same text will overwrite each other
    - Bump .toc to 30300
    - Added all placeholder Icecrown Citadel files
    - Rename Icecrown to Citadel
    - Festergut: Fix Vile Gas spellid
    - Festergut: Add note about Vile Gas spellid
    - Festergut: Fixed location of userdata and changed Vile Gas spell texture
    - Festergut: Completed first version
    - Razorscale: Added a warning for harpoons becoming ready (better late than never)
    - Increased volume of FF1_Victory.mp3 by a lot
    Optimized defeat detection in CLEU
    - Check that DEFEAT_NID is a table before trying to index it
    - Mimiron: Fixed defeat trigger
    - Added FF1 Victory mp3
    Added support for encounter defeats. A sound is played when an encounter is defeated. Default sound: FF1 Victory
    Unregister PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED in SetActiveEncounter
    Pause scanning when an encounter is running
    Added defeat detection in all encounters
    - Hodir: Added Storm Cloud arrow
    - The range window will now automatically open for some encounters. Added a toggle option for all encounters in Encounters -> Zone -> Boss -> Windows
    - Marrowgar: Added yell trigger and skeleton file
    Festergut: Added yell trigger
    Updated Icecrown .toc
    Updated Icecrown Locales.lua
    - Removed UnitIsGhost in CombatStop since it stops anyways on P_E_W
    - Added Icecrown skeleton files
    - Update guid npc id parsing: shift left two hex digits
    - Yogg: Fire deafening roar cooldown on 25m when entering phase 3
    Validator: Add validation for eventtype
    - Anub: Readded raid icon removal. The problem was not icons being set too fast. Set icon duration back to 18s
    - Raid icons: Remove attempt to unschedule a used raid icon -- fixes logic
    - Anub: Also use SPELL_AURA_REFRESH for marking
    - Anub: Removed removing Pen Cold raid icons because SetRaidTarget does not like to be called too fast. Changed removal to 15s
    - Add missing localization strings
    - Screen flash: Added a gray-scaled low health texture; Added an option to change the texture
    Raid icons: Cancel schedule if the icon is being overwritten
    Debug options: Readded
    - Koralon: Add to .toc
    - Fixed error when finding bar timelefts (Ticket #16)
    Freya: Added Iron Root multimarking
    Anub: Force icon removal when Penetrating Cold fades
    - Added support for multi-raid-icon marking, specifically for Anub'arak's Penetrating Cold
    Added options to change what raid icons are used globally : Alerts -> Raid Icons
    Removed individual icon choosing in advanced encounter options. It now says what icon number it uses (selected in Alerts -> Raid Icons)
    Added a true value to numerous returns in Invoker
    Added MULTIFRIENDLY has a new raidicon type
    Yogg/Vezax/Jaraxxus/Anub: Increased version number
    - Added Vault of Archavon dimensions
    - Cleaned up custom bar code
    - Check that the sender is a raid officer before firing a raid bar
    - Remove attempts to calculate delay for custom bars
    - Remove a debug print
    - Encounter pane stop button: Left clicking it will stop the current encounter. Right clicking it will stop all custom bars
    - Added custom local and raid bar timers: Option and tutorial is in Alerts -> Custom Bars
    - Use self.elapsed instead of GetTime when testing arrows
    - Added an option to make the screen flash always the same color: Alerts -> Screen Flash
    - Added a button to test arrows in Alerts -> Arrows
    - Only use two dropdown widgets in the options for Sounds. Using 11 AceGUISharedMedia sound widgets was eating up too much memory
    - Anub: Shadow Strike cooldown will now work on 10 and 25 hard mode. It will also attempt to auto-correct itself if a shadow strike is delayed
    - Onyxia: Use emote to detect deep breaths because blizzard decided to change the spellid on it every deep breath
    - Added option to change arrow scale: Alerts -> Arrows
    - Freya: Adjust ground tremor time when attuned to nature is gone
    - Onyxia: Added deep breath cast
    - nil out profile.Encounter[key][var] if its a boolean. Only happens in really old versions
    - Anub: Removed Penetrating Cold warning and replaced it with Penetrating Cold duration. It only appears if leeching swarm is active
    - Anub: Remove submerge cast. It's too spammy
    - Anub: Only fire shadow strike cooldown on 25 hard
    - Jaraxxus: Added Incinerate Flesh raid icon
    - Incremented distributor version
    Anub: Added shadow strike cooldown (hard mode). It's not completely accurate yet
    Allow scheduletimer to use a token for time
    - Thorim: Update German yell trigger
    - Anub: Use yell trigger to start encounter
    - Fixed validation for raidicons
    Cleaned up some code in Options
    - Added options for a universal way to change what ALERTS1...10 are. Upgrade code is in place to convert "DXE ALERT<num>" into "ALERT<num>".
    - Onyxia: Added Bellowing Roar and Flame Breath
    - Onyxia: Added skeleton files
    - Koralon: Added Meteor Fists/Burning Breath casts, cooldowns, and durations
    - Yogg: Fixed Crusher Tentacle spawn times after Induce Madness ends
    - Koralon: Added Flaming Cinder on self
    - Use tag: latest on all possible libs in .pkgmeta
    - Use string.lower on target slash commands
    - Anub: Added Penetrating Cold cast warning on p3 only when Leeching Swarm is active
    - Anub: Forgot to add Penetrating Cold on self to events
    - Added another pattern to filter out DBM whispers
    - Anub: Added Penetrating Cold cooldown (only during leeching swarm) and Penetrating Cold warning on self
    - Anub: Use SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS to detect freezing slash cooldown. It accounts for IBF or resists
    - Change health bar frames to type Button so using OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp works
    - Valkyrs: Fixed Empowered Light 25 hard mode spellid
    - Block boss emote messages will now just block all of them (only when you are in a supported zone)
    - Northrend Beasts: Adjusted phase 2 and 3 timers
    Set encounter to default if we leave a group
    - Faction Champions: Fix some logic for detecting hellfire interrupts
    - Thorim/Northrend Beasts/Algalon: Use SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS to fire their respective cooldowns
    Faction Champions: Added more spellids for Hellfire
    - Algalon: Use SPELL_AURA_APPLIED for Phase Punch instead of SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS
    Northrend Beasts: Use SPELL_AURA_APPLIED for Impale instead of SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS
    - Jaraxxus: Added Mistress' Kiss on self warning
    Jaraxxus: Added Fel Inferno on self warning
    - Remove AceConsole-3.0
    - Readded slash commands when the addon is loaded
    - Slash command /dxe will now load DXE if it is not already loaded
    - Algalon: Phase Punch warning will fire for all applications
    Northrend Beasts: Impale warning will fire for all applications
    Thorim: Added Unbalancing Strike warning
    - Use the right arg from GetAddOnInfo to see if an addon is missing
    - Anub: Fixed Nerubian Burrower spawn timer on hard mode
    - Fixed version check window's dropdown not changing the list when clicked
    Anub: Added Freezing Slash cooldown
    - Anub: Added Freezing Slash on others duration
    - Call FillEncounters only in dev version
    - Distributor: Fix accesses to EDB. It tried to use a function call that was removed earlier
    - nil out B_MODS properly
    - Fix non-debug substitutions by moving them down a line
    - Add icon texture to DXE_Loader
    - Move LDB to DXE_Loader/Libs
    - Added Locales.lua to DXE_Options
    - Added AGSMW to OptDeps in Options.toc
    - Delete Libs.xml and Modules.xml
    - Loading of DXE is now managed by DXE_Loader. It saves a considerable amount of memory until the appropriate zone is entered
    Options are now all located in DXE_Options. It is completely optional
    Renamed 'Modules' folder to 'Alerts' and moved Invoker.lua and Distributor.lua to the root
    Clicking the LDB object will load DXE. Subsequent clicks will toggle the settings
    - Anub: Stop Nerubian Burrower bar/schedule when he starts leeching swarm
    - Anub: Added Nerubian Burrower timer (based off hard mode data)
    - Valkyrs: Fixed enrage time on hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Adjusted phase 2 and phase 3 timers on hard mode based on data
    - Northrend Beasts: Increased phase 2 and 3 timers. Need more data on actual time
    - Northrend Beasts: Adjusted phase 1 hard mode timer again
    - Jarraxus: Fixed mistress timer in hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed hard mode phase 1 timer
    - Anub: Added throttle to submerge cast
    Fixed zone localization in Iron Council, Kologarn, and Flame Leviathan
    - Fixed reference to addon.NPCNames
    - Valkyrs: Added vortex channel bar and adjusted vortex cast time based on difficulty
    - Valkyrs: Added Touch of Light/Darkness switch warnings and durations on hard mode
    - Anub: Added leeching swarm cast
    - Added option to redirect center bars to the warnings anchor
    - Added LibSink-2.0
    Added optional warning anchor to anchor all warning alerts there
    Added optional warning messages using LibSink-2.0 (Can output to MSBT, SCT, etc.)
    - Added alerts bar warning anchor just for warning bars
    - Fixed getting distances to units when repeatedly zoning in and out. This majorly affected the proximity window and arrows. For example, after wiping in Coliseum and then zoning back in, the proximity window wouldn't show yards and arrows would not fire because the map dimensions could not be found. GetCurrentMapDungeonLevel() returned 0 instead of 1
    - Anub: Quash burrow timer when he starts Leeching Swarm
    - Anub: Added enrage timer
    - Moved execution of onstart to the end of the function (helps with Jaraxxus)
    Jaraxxus: Slightly optimized setting the health tracking on hard mode
    Northrend Beast: Fixed Enrage text on normal mode
    - Fixed frame position saving. It only saves to the SavedVariables instead of both SavedVariables and layout-cache.txt
    - Added option in Alerts->Sounds to toggle all sounds off globally or by encounter
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed phase 1 timer on hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Added 25m heroic Frothing Rage spellid
    - Jaraxxus: Fixed health tracking on 10 and 25 hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Increase massive crash on self/other by 1.5 seconds
    - Northrend Beasts: Changed the first two enrage timers to next phases. Fixed the times for enrage. Use yell triggers for phase transitions instead of listening to UNIT_DIED
    - Increased distributor timeout time to 35 seconds
    Added invert option on proximity window
    - Optimized 18yd proximity function by caching the itemid so we don't have to iterate over the bandages table everytime we call it
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed hard mode enrage timers
    - Thorim: Adjusted color on hard mode timer
    Northrend Beasts: Slightly changed acidic/molten spew cooldowns when 1 jormungar dies
    - XT002: Shave off 1 second on tympanic tantrum cooldown
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed Molten/Acidic spew cooldowns when one jormungar dies
    - Anub: Added submerge cast
    - Anub: Added pursued arrow
    - Anub: Added shadow strike interrupt detection
    - Anub: Added shadow strike cast
    - Valkyrs: Added 10m hard mode spellids. Added Empowered Darkness and Empowered Light timers on self
    - Faction Champions: Added detection for the warlock's Hellfire interruption. Added 10m hard spellid for Hellfire on self
    - Jaraxxus: Added 10m hard mode spellids
    - Jaraxxus: Removed Touch of Jaraxxus. There are no combat log events for it and the RAID_WARNING is weird
    - Jaraxxus: Added health tracking for Nether Portal and Infernal Volcano on hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Added 10m hard mode enrage timer
    - Northrend Beasts: Added 10m hard mode spell ids
    - Anub: Localized all the phrases
    - Anub: Added second burrow cooldown
    - Fixed Pane texture and font not being set on login
    - Anub: Added initial burrow timer
    Fixed a major bug after a window was opened. The defaults were refreshed and a pointer (EncDB) in Invoker.lua wasn't reset, causing nil accesses
    - Valkyr: Change enrage to 8 minutes
    Anub: Pursued others is now a center popup
    - Anub: Fixed npc id
    - Moved 'Enabled' from global to profile
    Added option to change window title bar color
    - Renamed Archavon the Stone Watcher to Archavon
    Renamed Emalon the Storm Watcher to Emalon
    Added skeleton file for Koralon
    Alerts: Added show border option
    Alerts: Added bar text justification option
    Alerts: Added bar height option
    Alerts: Removed bar styles (will be reimplemented later)
    Alerts: Added timer text options
    Removed all border size options (will be reimplemented later)
    - All borders, border colors, and background colors are now globally changed in General -> Globals
    - Anub: Completed first version
    - All bar texture and fonts are now globally changed in General -> Global
    Changed proximity window bar to use a bar texture
    - Refactored Timer widget so it isn't an AceGUI widget
    Refactored HealthWatcher so it isn't an AceGUI widget
    Added framework for globalling changing font and bar textures
    - Don't set the health watcher title if the name is equal to _G.UNKNOWN
    - Added slash command to open proximity window
    - Added name_to_class in Roster
    - Added proximity class filter and increased the height of the bars
    - Only destroy a label in Proximity if isn't already
    - Added missing texture
    - Changed proximity window default delay to 0.05
    - Changed proximity window delay step from 0.1 to 0.05
    - Removed unnecessary backdrop value
    - Proximity window can now select any range from 5 to 18 yards. Refresh rate can also go down to 0
    - Removed errors in Coords and instead return nil if a map dimension does not exist. Arrows will also not fire if a map coordinate does not exist
    - Add tooltip text to window title bars
    - Added range options for proximity display
    - Thorim: Fixed enrage timers
    Added functionality to resize windows
    - Added map dimensions for Anub's room
    - Added proximity check window (minimally tested). It can be shown by selecting it from the pane windows button
    - Thorim: Fixed hard mode timer and enrage timer
    - Added a counter toggle for all alerts
    - Added new counter attribute to alerts
    Algalon: Added phase punch stack warning
    Vezax: Counter is default on for Saronite Vapor and Searing Flame
    Thorim: Counter is default on for Lightning Charge
    Loatheb: Counter is default on for Spores
    Northrend Beasts: Counter is default on for Impale
    - Northrend Beasts: Added an initial massive crash cooldown after defeating the Jormungars
    - Northrend Beasts: Added impale warning if stacks >= 3
    - Fixed trying to get a nil index in boss emote blocks
    Fixed starting sortedtracing when there is nothing in the cache
    - Significantly improved performance and reduced memory usage by restructuring command bundles
    Increased distributor version
    Added validation for restructured encounters
    - Fix leaked global
    - Valkyrs: Fire shield/vortex cooldown at the start
    - Northrend Beasts: Added Molten/Acidic Spew casts
    - Northrend Beasts: Added Molten/Acidic Spew cooldowns
    - Valkyrs: Added shield/vortex cooldown. Removed Twin Pact warnings and replaced them with Shield of Darkness/Lights durations
    - Loader: In ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA enable the addon if it's not enabled, before loading
    - nil out unused keys in SortedCache
    - Fixed sortedtracing so the sort function is a stable sort
    - return nil if the func does not exist in replace_funcs
    - Update distributor version because a new function was added to invoker
    - Valkyrs: Added warnings for when you should switch to light/dark essences
    - Valkyrs: Fixed a small bug, eventtype -> type, combatevent -> eventtype
    - replace_funcs makes sure the replace function exists before trying to call it
    - Jaraxxus: Added enrage timer
    Valkyrs: Completed first version
    Added playerbuff and playerdebuff to invoker replace functions
    - Jaraxxus: Added enrage timer
    - Added dimensions for Ulduar's The Mind's Eye (dungeon level 6) and error reporting if dimensions don't exist
    - Add backup MapDims if it does not exist
    - Updated dungeon levels of Ulduar keys. Added dummy dimensions for The Minds Eye
    - Removed debug keyword substitutions in Coords
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed logic for firing Toxin and Bile arrows
    - UnitGUID("player") can return nil when RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE|PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED fires. Used cached addon.PGUID instead of UnitGUID("player")
    - Northrend Beasts: Burning Bile will fire on the last person afflicted with Toxin and on any additional persons afflicted with Toxin while you have Burning Bile. And vice versa for Toxin
    - Faction Champions: Change bile and toxin arrows to persist for 15 seconds. Should be sufficient time
    - Faction Champions: Fixed typo (quash counterspellcd instead of counterspellcd)
    - Faction Champions: Removed some directional text on bar text because it'd be too long
    - Faction Champions: Added an exclamation at the end of DISPEL alerts to make it look prettier
    - Faction Champions: Quash counterspell when Mage dies. Quash spell lock when Felhunter dies
    Northrend Beasts: Added arrow for bile and toxin. If you get bile, it will direct you to the last person with toxin, and vice versa
    - Faction Champions: Completed alerts. Added pet npcids
    - Faction Champions: Completed npcid list
    - Added pane conditional 'only in party'
    - Renamed OnlyInInstance to OnlyInRaidInstance
    Added pane conditional "Show only in party instances"
    - Removed Roster.index_to_unit
    Added Roster.unit_to_unittarget and replaced all index_to_unit to unit_to_unittarget
    Added support for party groups
    - Fixed sort function for sortedtracing. Stacks in the relative order (percentage text) health%, DEAD, neutral color
    - Added feature to encounter data that lets it decide that tracing should sort lowest to highest health (sortedtracing). Needs more testing.
    Added validation for sortedtracing
    Added start triggering of encounters when entering combat
    Faction Champions: Set npc ids based on faction
    - Faction Champions: Added npcids. Encounter doesn't do anything (yet)
    - Hodir: Added say announce for Storm Cloud on self
    - Add chat log blocks
    - Use pfl.Misc instead of pfl for toggles in Miscellaneous
    - Fixed Jaraxxus' Legion Flame timer. Adjusted initial Legion Flame cooldown
    - Fixed phase 1 timer in Northrend Beasts
    - Unregister download prefix in LoadCompleted
    - Increase distributor download timeout to 15 seconds
    - Reference handlers.canceltimer in Invoker:RemoveAllTimers()
    - Fixed class coloring of bar text when the name contained accented characters
    - Fix calling canceltimer
    - Fixed typo in expect handler for invoker
    - Reorganized alert options to allow more room
    - Added say announces for Vezax's Shadow Crash, XT's Searing Light and Gravity Bomb, Jaraxxus' Legion Flame, and KT's Detonate
    - Refactored invoker so it's easier to add new command line handlers
    - Made boss emote blocking check that it originated from a boss
    - Added option to block raid warnings from other boss mods and raid boss emotes
    - Move pane skinning into OnEnable so that shared media bar textures are loaded into LSM30 before it skins
    - Add 1 to the 4th key of color defaults
    - Forcing localization update
    - Remove unncessary scripts
    - Update versions addon button tooltip text
    - Send the addon version instead of trying to access the encounter version
    - Fixed some conditional checks in versions so that versions are properly sent
    - Version announcing is now on demand instead of automatic
    - Changed pane "only in instances" conditional to "only in raid instances"
    - Added option to adjust pane font, color, title font size, health font size, background color, border, border color, border size, neutral color, and lost color
    - Add option to adjust the alpha on bar border color
    - Remove unnecessary test function
    - Merge branches 'master' and 'BetterAlertAnchoring'
    - Dropdown alert bars will translate to the position they will be on the center anchor
    - Renamed alert functions for better context
    - Added option to change bar text font color
    - Fixed typo SetNotRefresh -> SetNoRefresh
    - Added a border and moved text above on anchors
    - Fixed class coloring of bar text conflicting with proximity checking
    - Update .pkgmeta
    - Added bar fill direction option
    - Added Vezax's Surge of Darkness cooldown
    - Use internal roster table to determine if a unit is in the raid. Apparently UnitInRaid is broken
    - Add class coloring to bar text
    - Added Northrend Beasts start to phase 1 timer
    - Added option to adjust bar border size
    - Changed template to be more accurate
    - Convert all versions to numbers
    - Jaraxxus Changes
    - Adjusted Incinerate Flesh cooldown
    - Adjusted Legion Flame cooldown
    - Fixed two alerts firing when the encounter starts
    - Added Legion Flame proximity warning
    - Added Incinerate Flesh on others
    - Added Nether Power warning
    - Added Touch of Jaraxxus arrow
    - Reduced Legion Flame arrow time
    - Added 10 man spellids
    Northrend Beasts
    - Added phase timers
    - Reset timers
    - Fixed Staggering Stomp
    - Fixed scorch warning
    - Changed Flames icon
    - Added a shadow to health tracking text
    - Combat stopping loops back in 4 seconds after dying

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