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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Deathwhisper: Completed first version
    - Saurfang: Completed first version
    - Marrowgar: Updated based off Marrowgar hard mode data
    - Revert back to the 3.2 method of extracting npc ids from guids
    - Renamed Deathbringer -> Saurfang
    - Change AGSMW back to svn url
    - Added more options to warning messages for controlling what kinds of messages appear
    Alert duration messages will fire a before message regardless of how close it is to the popup message
    - Added map dimensions for dungeon levels 2-6 in Icecrown Citadel
    - Moved Warning Message options to its own tab in Alerts
    - Moved ColorText up in the file to fix scope issues
    - Added option to change before threshold and text coloring of warning messages
    - Added option to add in custom sound labels in Options -> Sounds. Sound files still have to be added in through SharedMedia.
    - Updated .pkgmeta to reflect AGSMW change to git
    - Anub: Renamed slashothers to slashwarn
    Jaraxxus: Renamed fleshothers to fleshwarn
    Always fire a before message for dropdown bars
    - Added warning messages for dropdown and centerpopup type alerts. Alert keys suffixed with dur (duration), warn (warning), self (affects yourself), or cd (cooldown) will fire warning messages. The format is "<text> - <timeleft>". dur, warn, and self will display a message when they appear. dur and cd will display a message before they end -- the default before threshold is 5 seconds; additionally, if the total time is less than before threshold + 5 seconds, a message will not be displayed before it ends to prevent spam. So, a timer bar with a total time of 9 seconds will display a message when it appears, but not 5 seconds before it ends.
    - Anub,Grobbulus,Archavon,Flame Leviathian,Hodir,Iron Council, XT: Pluralise keys that end with other
    - Sartharion: Renamed alert keys with arrives at the end
    - Noth: Renamed teleport alert keys
    - Mimiron,Northrend Beasts: Renamed phase transition alert keys
    - Loatheb: Renamed all alert keys
    - Anub naxx: Renamed locust swarm alert keys
    - KT: Renamed ktarrives to ktarrivescd
    - Hodir,Ignis,Mimiron,Thorim,XT: Added cd or warn to hard mode alert keys
    - Gothik: Rename gothikcomesdown to gothikcomesdowncd
    - Iron Council: Renamed fusionpunchcast to fusionpunchwarn
    - Thorim: Renamed frostnovacast to frostnovawarn
    - Mimiron: Renamed frostbombexplodes to frostbombexplodeswarn
    - Auriaya: Renamed feraldefenderspawn to feraldefendercd for consistency
    - Malygos: Renamed powerspark and deepbreath for consistency
    - Yogg: Renamed deafeningcast to deafeningwarn for consistency
    - Heigan: Added cd to the end of each alert key for consistency
    - Yogg: Renamed crushertentaclespawn to crushertentaclewarn for consistency
    - Northrend Beasts: Renamed crashcast to crashwarn for consistency
    - Valkyrs: Added Twin's Pact cast
    - Added an option to disable icons on warning messages
    - Festergut: Fire initial alert timers
    Lanathel: Added npcid and changed the zone (why is the zone different?)
    - Marrowgar: Updated Bone Storm spellid
    - Added IcecrownCitadel level 1 commend
    - Added IcecrownCitadel level 1 dimensions
    - Valithria: Added mana void on self
    - Valithria: Added portal cooldown and warning
    - Valithria: Added defeat detection and portal detection
    - Added defeat command
    - Increased distributor version
    Added invoke command
    Added spellid2 to encounter data--looks at select(10,...), the second spellid usually in SPELL_INTERRUPT
    Faction Champions: Optimized Hellfire interrupt detection
    - Marrowgar: Completed first version
    - Gunship Battle: Add Saurfang and Muradin npc ids
    - Convert to unix line endings
    - Gunship Battle: Finished first version
    Sindragosa: Finished first version
    - Sindragosa: Rename icetombcast->icetombwarn
    - Sindragosa: Added air duration time
    - Sindragosa: Added air phase cooldown
    - Sindragosa: Completed first version. Still a lot of cooldowns to get
    - Bump .toc to 30300
    - Added all placeholder Icecrown Citadel files
    - Rename Icecrown to Citadel
    - Festergut: Fix Vile Gas spellid
    - Festergut: Add note about Vile Gas spellid
    - Festergut: Fixed location of userdata and changed Vile Gas spell texture
    - Festergut: Completed first version
    - Marrowgar: Added yell trigger and skeleton file
    Festergut: Added yell trigger
    Updated Icecrown .toc
    Updated Icecrown Locales.lua
    - Added Icecrown skeleton files
    - Update guid npc id parsing: shift left two hex digits

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