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    Oct 31, 2009
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tag v395-beta
kollektiv <kollektiv@pc>
2009-10-31 17:23:07 -0400

Tagging as v395-beta


    - Razorscale: Added a warning for harpoons becoming ready (better late than never)
    - Increased volume of FF1_Victory.mp3 by a lot
    Optimized defeat detection in CLEU
    - Check that DEFEAT_NID is a table before trying to index it
    - Mimiron: Fixed defeat trigger
    - Added FF1 Victory mp3
    Added support for encounter defeats. A sound is played when an encounter is defeated. Default sound: FF1 Victory
    Unregister PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED in SetActiveEncounter
    Pause scanning when an encounter is running
    Added defeat detection in all encounters
    - Hodir: Added Storm Cloud arrow
    - The range window will now automatically open for some encounters. Added a toggle option for all encounters in Encounters -> Zone -> Boss -> Windows
    - Removed UnitIsGhost in CombatStop since it stops anyways on P_E_W
    - Yogg: Fire deafening roar cooldown on 25m when entering phase 3
    Validator: Add validation for eventtype

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