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    Oct 16, 2009
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tag v390-beta
kollektiv <kollektiv@pc>
2009-10-16 11:58:11 -0400

Tagging as v390-beta


    - Anub: Readded raid icon removal. The problem was not icons being set too fast. Set icon duration back to 18s
    - Raid icons: Remove attempt to unschedule a used raid icon -- fixes logic
    - Anub: Also use SPELL_AURA_REFRESH for marking
    - Anub: Removed removing Pen Cold raid icons because SetRaidTarget does not like to be called too fast. Changed removal to 15s
    - Add missing localization strings
    - Screen flash: Added a gray-scaled low health texture; Added an option to change the texture
    Raid icons: Cancel schedule if the icon is being overwritten
    Debug options: Readded
    - Koralon: Add to .toc
    - Fixed error when finding bar timelefts (Ticket #16)
    Freya: Added Iron Root multimarking
    Anub: Force icon removal when Penetrating Cold fades
    - Added support for multi-raid-icon marking, specifically for Anub'arak's Penetrating Cold
    Added options to change what raid icons are used globally : Alerts -> Raid Icons
    Removed individual icon choosing in advanced encounter options. It now says what icon number it uses (selected in Alerts -> Raid Icons)
    Added a true value to numerous returns in Invoker
    Added MULTIFRIENDLY has a new raidicon type
    Yogg/Vezax/Jaraxxus/Anub: Increased version number
    - Added Vault of Archavon dimensions
    - Cleaned up custom bar code
    - Check that the sender is a raid officer before firing a raid bar
    - Remove attempts to calculate delay for custom bars
    - Remove a debug print
    - Encounter pane stop button: Left clicking it will stop the current encounter. Right clicking it will stop all custom bars
    - Added custom local and raid bar timers: Option and tutorial is in Alerts -> Custom Bars
    - Use self.elapsed instead of GetTime when testing arrows
    - Added an option to make the screen flash always the same color: Alerts -> Screen Flash
    - Added a button to test arrows in Alerts -> Arrows
    - Only use two dropdown widgets in the options for Sounds. Using 11 AceGUISharedMedia sound widgets was eating up too much memory
    - Anub: Shadow Strike cooldown will now work on 10 and 25 hard mode. It will also attempt to auto-correct itself if a shadow strike is delayed
    - Onyxia: Use emote to detect deep breaths because blizzard decided to change the spellid on it every deep breath
    - Added option to change arrow scale: Alerts -> Arrows
    - Freya: Adjust ground tremor time when attuned to nature is gone
    - Onyxia: Added deep breath cast

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