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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.2.0


    - Added Locales.lua to DXE_Options
    - Added AGSMW to OptDeps in Options.toc
    - Delete Libs.xml and Modules.xml
    - Loading of DXE is now managed by DXE_Loader. It saves a considerable amount of memory until the appropriate zone is entered
    Options are now all located in DXE_Options. It is completely optional
    Renamed 'Modules' folder to 'Alerts' and moved Invoker.lua and Distributor.lua to the root
    Clicking the LDB object will load DXE. Subsequent clicks will toggle the settings
    - Anub: Stop Nerubian Burrower bar/schedule when he starts leeching swarm
    - Anub: Added Nerubian Burrower timer (based off hard mode data)
    - Valkyrs: Fixed enrage time on hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Adjusted phase 2 and phase 3 timers on hard mode based on data
    - Northrend Beasts: Increased phase 2 and 3 timers. Need more data on actual time
    - Northrend Beasts: Adjusted phase 1 hard mode timer again
    - Jarraxus: Fixed mistress timer in hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed hard mode phase 1 timer
    - Anub: Added throttle to submerge cast
    Fixed zone localization in Iron Council, Kologarn, and Flame Leviathan
    - Fixed reference to addon.NPCNames
    - Valkyrs: Added vortex channel bar and adjusted vortex cast time based on difficulty
    - Valkyrs: Added Touch of Light/Darkness switch warnings and durations on hard mode
    - Anub: Added leeching swarm cast
    - Added option to redirect center bars to the warnings anchor
    - Added LibSink-2.0
    Added optional warning anchor to anchor all warning alerts there
    Added optional warning messages using LibSink-2.0 (Can output to MSBT, SCT, etc.)
    - Added alerts bar warning anchor just for warning bars
    - Fixed getting distances to units when repeatedly zoning in and out. This majorly affected the proximity window and arrows. For example, after wiping in Coliseum and then zoning back in, the proximity window wouldn't show yards and arrows would not fire because the map dimensions could not be found. GetCurrentMapDungeonLevel() returned 0 instead of 1
    - Anub: Quash burrow timer when he starts Leeching Swarm
    - Anub: Added enrage timer
    - Moved execution of onstart to the end of the function (helps with Jaraxxus)
    Jaraxxus: Slightly optimized setting the health tracking on hard mode
    Northrend Beast: Fixed Enrage text on normal mode
    - Fixed frame position saving. It only saves to the SavedVariables instead of both SavedVariables and layout-cache.txt
    - Added option in Alerts->Sounds to toggle all sounds off globally or by encounter

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