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    Sep 3, 2009
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tag v350-beta
kollektiv <kollektiv@pc>
2009-09-03 16:12:57 -0400

Tagging as v350-beta


    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed hard mode enrage timers
    - Thorim: Adjusted color on hard mode timer
    Northrend Beasts: Slightly changed acidic/molten spew cooldowns when 1 jormungar dies
    - XT002: Shave off 1 second on tympanic tantrum cooldown
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed Molten/Acidic spew cooldowns when one jormungar dies
    - Anub: Added submerge cast
    - Anub: Added pursued arrow
    - Anub: Added shadow strike interrupt detection
    - Anub: Added shadow strike cast
    - Valkyrs: Added 10m hard mode spellids. Added Empowered Darkness and Empowered Light timers on self
    - Faction Champions: Added detection for the warlock's Hellfire interruption. Added 10m hard spellid for Hellfire on self
    - Jaraxxus: Added 10m hard mode spellids
    - Jaraxxus: Removed Touch of Jaraxxus. There are no combat log events for it and the RAID_WARNING is weird
    - Jaraxxus: Added health tracking for Nether Portal and Infernal Volcano on hard mode
    - Northrend Beasts: Added 10m hard mode enrage timer
    - Northrend Beasts: Added 10m hard mode spell ids
    - Anub: Localized all the phrases
    - Anub: Added second burrow cooldown
    - Fixed Pane texture and font not being set on login
    - Anub: Added initial burrow timer
    Fixed a major bug after a window was opened. The defaults were refreshed and a pointer (EncDB) in Invoker.lua wasn't reset, causing nil accesses
    - Valkyr: Change enrage to 8 minutes
    Anub: Pursued others is now a center popup
    - Anub: Fixed npc id
    - Moved 'Enabled' from global to profile
    Added option to change window title bar color
    - Renamed Archavon the Stone Watcher to Archavon
    Renamed Emalon the Storm Watcher to Emalon
    Added skeleton file for Koralon
    Alerts: Added show border option
    Alerts: Added bar text justification option
    Alerts: Added bar height option
    Alerts: Removed bar styles (will be reimplemented later)
    Alerts: Added timer text options
    Removed all border size options (will be reimplemented later)
    - All borders, border colors, and background colors are now globally changed in General -> Globals
    - Anub: Completed first version
    - All bar texture and fonts are now globally changed in General -> Global
    Changed proximity window bar to use a bar texture
    - Refactored Timer widget so it isn't an AceGUI widget
    Refactored HealthWatcher so it isn't an AceGUI widget
    Added framework for globalling changing font and bar textures
    - Don't set the health watcher title if the name is equal to _G.UNKNOWN
    - Added slash command to open proximity window
    - Added name_to_class in Roster
    - Added proximity class filter and increased the height of the bars
    - Only destroy a label in Proximity if isn't already
    - Added missing texture
    - Changed proximity window default delay to 0.05
    - Changed proximity window delay step from 0.1 to 0.05
    - Removed unnecessary backdrop value
    - Proximity window can now select any range from 5 to 18 yards. Refresh rate can also go down to 0
    - Removed errors in Coords and instead return nil if a map dimension does not exist. Arrows will also not fire if a map coordinate does not exist
    - Add tooltip text to window title bars
    - Added range options for proximity display
    - Thorim: Fixed enrage timers
    Added functionality to resize windows
    - Added map dimensions for Anub's room
    - Added proximity check window (minimally tested). It can be shown by selecting it from the pane windows button
    - Thorim: Fixed hard mode timer and enrage timer
    - Added a counter toggle for all alerts
    - Added new counter attribute to alerts
    Algalon: Added phase punch stack warning
    Vezax: Counter is default on for Saronite Vapor and Searing Flame
    Thorim: Counter is default on for Lightning Charge
    Loatheb: Counter is default on for Spores
    Northrend Beasts: Counter is default on for Impale
    - Northrend Beasts: Added an initial massive crash cooldown after defeating the Jormungars

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