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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.2.0


    - Added dimensions for Ulduar's The Mind's Eye (dungeon level 6) and error reporting if dimensions don't exist
    - Add backup MapDims if it does not exist
    - Updated dungeon levels of Ulduar keys. Added dummy dimensions for The Minds Eye
    - Removed debug keyword substitutions in Coords
    - Northrend Beasts: Fixed logic for firing Toxin and Bile arrows
    - UnitGUID("player") can return nil when RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE|PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED fires. Used cached addon.PGUID instead of UnitGUID("player")
    - Northrend Beasts: Burning Bile will fire on the last person afflicted with Toxin and on any additional persons afflicted with Toxin while you have Burning Bile. And vice versa for Toxin
    - Faction Champions: Change bile and toxin arrows to persist for 15 seconds. Should be sufficient time
    - Faction Champions: Fixed typo (quash counterspellcd instead of counterspellcd)
    - Faction Champions: Removed some directional text on bar text because it'd be too long
    - Faction Champions: Added an exclamation at the end of DISPEL alerts to make it look prettier
    - Faction Champions: Quash counterspell when Mage dies. Quash spell lock when Felhunter dies
    Northrend Beasts: Added arrow for bile and toxin. If you get bile, it will direct you to the last person with toxin, and vice versa
    - Faction Champions: Completed alerts. Added pet npcids
    - Faction Champions: Completed npcid list
    - Added pane conditional 'only in party'
    - Renamed OnlyInInstance to OnlyInRaidInstance
    Added pane conditional "Show only in party instances"
    - Removed Roster.index_to_unit
    Added Roster.unit_to_unittarget and replaced all index_to_unit to unit_to_unittarget
    Added support for party groups
    - Fixed sort function for sortedtracing. Stacks in the relative order (percentage text) health%, DEAD, neutral color
    - Added feature to encounter data that lets it decide that tracing should sort lowest to highest health (sortedtracing). Needs more testing.
    Added validation for sortedtracing
    Added start triggering of encounters when entering combat
    Faction Champions: Set npc ids based on faction
    - Faction Champions: Added npcids. Encounter doesn't do anything (yet)
    - Hodir: Added say announce for Storm Cloud on self
    - Add chat log blocks
    - Use pfl.Misc instead of pfl for toggles in Miscellaneous
    - Fixed Jaraxxus' Legion Flame timer. Adjusted initial Legion Flame cooldown
    - Fixed phase 1 timer in Northrend Beasts
    - Unregister download prefix in LoadCompleted
    - Increase distributor download timeout to 15 seconds
    - Reference handlers.canceltimer in Invoker:RemoveAllTimers()
    - Fixed class coloring of bar text when the name contained accented characters
    - Fix calling canceltimer
    - Fixed typo in expect handler for invoker
    - Reorganized alert options to allow more room
    - Added say announces for Vezax's Shadow Crash, XT's Searing Light and Gravity Bomb, Jaraxxus' Legion Flame, and KT's Detonate
    - Refactored invoker so it's easier to add new command line handlers
    - Made boss emote blocking check that it originated from a boss
    - Added option to block raid warnings from other boss mods and raid boss emotes
    - Move pane skinning into OnEnable so that shared media bar textures are loaded into LSM30 before it skins

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