Decursive "Bar" not holding location (Classic) #168

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  • Stenesu created this issue Jan 30, 2020

    As I can't find this issue elsewhere I'm left to assume it's something I'm doing wrong? ...


    My Decursive "bar" appears and can be moved etc as intended, but when I log out/in or /reload it resets back to what I assume is a "default" location? Is this intentional? I'm assuming not, and if not what could be preventing the "bar" from staying where I left it?



    Thanks in advance



  • archarodim posted a comment Mar 20, 2020

    This can happen if WoW cannot save add-ons settings due to wrong permissions on WoW WTF folder


    the path World of Warcraft Classic\World of Warcraft\_classic_\WTF\Account\YOURACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables should contain a Decursive.lua file with the saved settings. This file is written when you reload the UI (/reload) or when you logout.


    Also you can check files in \World of Warcraft Classic\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Logs


    Are other add-ons' settings being saved?

  • archarodim self-assigned this issue Mar 20, 2020
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