Classic - No Magic Dispel for Felhunter #161

  • JoramAU created this issue Nov 2, 2019

    In classic Decursive doesn't work with the Felhunter (who can dispel magic friendlies). No magic debuffs show up in the list etc


    Probably related to the fact Imp does the dispels in Retail?

  • elilauff posted a comment Nov 26, 2019

    I had this same issue.  You can go to the provided menu for adding spells, and use Devour Magic's spell ID (the name causes a bug) to add it to your list of spells.  Make sure the "magic" box is checked as well as the "pet" one.  You can find the spell ID by looking up the spell on classic wowhead:  So for this example, rank 1 devour magic has a spell ID of 19505.  Let me know if this helps!

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