MUF afflicted alpha does not work #153

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  • flirtychair created this issue Oct 10, 2018

    in the settings you can set the color for how you want the MUF to look when a unit is afflicted but can also change an alpha setting.  the color works but alpha does not. 


    dunno if it will help bugfind, but I hamfisted a workaround by manually setting alpha in Dcr_DebuffsFrame.lua


    -- set the status according to RangeStatus
    if (not RangeStatus or RangeStatus == 0) then
    Alpha = 0.3;
    self.UnitStatus = AFFLICTED_NIR;
    Alpha = 1; 

    Alpha = 0.3;
    self.UnitStatus = AFFLICTED;
    BorderAlpha = 1;

  • flirtychair added a tag Defect Oct 10, 2018
  • archarodim posted a comment Dec 18, 2018

    yeah the alpha is part of the color picker UI but I'm not sure it was meant to work as you want... alpha is supposed to be at 1 when the unit is in range.

  • archarodim added a tag Enhancement Dec 18, 2018

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