Character and spec specific profiles #152

  • Enhancement
Assigned to archarodim
  • Sharandra created this issue Sep 28, 2018

    On my druid I am missing the option to have the micro unit frames only show when I am in my resto spec.

    Because when I am tanking and I forget to hide them, I often accidentialy click on them and that puts me out of bearform, which might cause a wipe. Or I forget to turn them on when switching to resto, and then I can´´'t dispell, because you can't turn them back on during combat.


    Also I use different raid frame setups across my alts, and I don't want to have to move the micro unit frames around every time I switch characters.



  • archarodim added a tag Enhancement Dec 18, 2018
  • archarodim self-assigned this issue Dec 18, 2018

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