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  • _ForgeUser9000563 created this issue Jul 9, 2015

    What is your character class? Monk

    Were you in Solo, Party or Raid? Raid

    What is your localization language? (en, de, fr, etc...) en

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Fight Hellfire High Council in Hellfire Citadel raid
    2. Watch for Dia Darkwhisper to cast Mark of the Necromancer

    What is the expected behavior? What do you see instead?
    The other healers say to dispell it when the debuff turns red.  The Micro Unit Frames do not change color based on debuff status.  An option for this is needed.  Dispelling early causes the debuff to spread faster than it should.

    What version of the product are you using (give the version string)?

    Do you have an error log of what happened?
    No error, just lack of feedback based on debuff status.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    Thank you very much for your time and work!

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  • archarodim posted a comment Jul 9, 2015

    What makes the debuff "turn red?" Have you tried using the "Center Counters" provided in the Micro Unit Frames' option panel by setting them to 'time elapsed' instead of 'Time left'?

  • _ForgeUser9000563 posted a comment Jul 9, 2015

    I saw you remark about this on a different post, but it wasn't exactly what I was picturing.

    According to my fellow healer, the debuff starts as green, then goes to yellow, then goes to red. I am not sure if this is based on time or how much damage it is doing or what. As far as I know it exists in the default UI. I will try to confirm this tonight.

    I have not tried using Center Counters with the Time Elapsed setting. I will have to try that out next week. I looked around and couldn't find when that debuff turns red (like at what time). I'll have to coordinate with my raid members and ask when specific members' debuffs are turning red and note the time. This isn't a horrible option (since I have only seen need for this from this boss so far), but it would be cool to have the functionality seen from my fellow healers.

    Thanks again!

  • archarodim posted a comment Jul 10, 2015

    it seems to be based on time only according to . The idea is that every time it is dispelled it bounces to 2 other players so the faster it is dispelled the faster it spreads. So one should wait until the damages are maximum before dispelling it to slow down the inevitable spread...

    The debuf spell seems to change with its change of color:

    Maybe I could add the debuf icon to the MUF tooltips.

  • _ForgeUser9000563 posted a comment Jul 10, 2015

    Nice links! I seem to recall (70% sure) that the debuff might be the right color on the large debuff list (that lists like 3 people or so) you display. So I believe you are getting the data somewhere. Since it is based on time, I could just use the center count duration you mentioned and figure out the red, since it seems to only be a problem for this specific boss. I don't want you to do unnecessary work.

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