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  • _ForgeUser6713644 created this issue Sep 18, 2013

    There are many fights where a boss unit has to be dispelled. For example Terrorize on Tsulong, Agility on Xuen (if a mage doesn't spellsteal it), or especially Lingering Corruption on the protectors in the Test of Reliance of the Norushen encounter.

    All of these creatures have a boss frame in the UI, but these frames don't show dispellable debuffs, and they're sometimes created in a random order. So when one of the Norushen protectors gets the debuff I need to dispell, I need to read the name from the raid warning and then figure out which boss frame that is and then dispell.

    It would be extremely useful if Decursive could also show MUFs for units with boss frames, and allow me to dispell them that way. This should work both with friendly and hostile units. Showing them in the live list would also be helpful.

    I'm not sure if you can create new MUFs "on the fly" when the Blizzard UI shows new / changes boss frames e.g. in the transition to Test of Reliance. So it may be necessary to always show MUFs for all four potential boss frames, and use something equivalent to "/cast [@bossN] Dispell-spell" when clicked.

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  • archarodim posted a comment Sep 18, 2013

    I can't create new MUFs nor reassign them during a fight. Have you tried focusing (/focus) those boss units? Decursive displays a MUF for focus but you'd need to have it displayed before the fight begins (just /focus yourself).

    Another thing you can do is to use the mouse-over macro Decursive creates (you can assign to a key in Decursive's options panel). Normally if you hover a friendly unit portrait or real unit, if it has a debuff you can remove, Decursive will display it in its livelist.

    I'll try to find how these boss units work but as I don't raid any more that won't be easy... Are those boss frames friendly or hostile? Do you have to use your normal dispel abilities or do you need to use others?

    Edited Sep 18, 2013
  • _ForgeUser6713644 posted a comment Sep 20, 2013

    @Archarodim: Go

    Focus works but is only 1 target and I need 3 or 4 for these fights and many times they change throughout the fight.

    I suppose these boss MUFs would work just like @focus except doing @boss1..@boss4 as targets. I'm not sure how the MUFs work internally, do you need the right target when you create them before combat or can you just make a generic bossN MUF and display whatever debuffs the corresponding target has during combat? I think I might be able to hack your focus MUF and see if it works with boss1.

    I'll try the macro too though, I totally forgot about that.

    The boss frames can be either friendly or hostile and I just use my generic magic-dispell ability on them. For friendly frames I'm removing a debuff that damages them and for hostile frames a self-buff that helps them.

    I think I've also seen the boss frames in some scenarios, although I'll have to check that, haven't done any scenarios in a while.

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