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    Sep 24, 2016
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 7.0.3


    - Pre-create live-list frames' elements at initialization when not in combat to prevent rare "script ran too long errors"...
    - Fix Lua error introduced in previous commits
    - more tool-tip optimization
    - Optimize tool-tip creation/display to try to prevent these new 'script ran too long' rare errors happening since Legion
    - Do not update MUFs' help tool-tips while in combat (rare script ran too long...)
    - ... fix bug introduced in previous commit
    - Handle events directly without relying on AceEvent to prevent undue "script ran too long" errors caused by the queuing of event handler calls into a per-event dispatcher for ALL add-ons registering an event... (The more add-ons registering an event the more chances to get a random "script ran too long" error)
    - Automatically include a few Decursive's configuration details in debug reports (instead of doing so only when using /dcrdiag).
    - New unit filtering options for custom spells allowing to restrict a spell or item to the player only or to other party members only.
    - Fix typo in description and remove useless Gratipay link
    - Fix possible Lua errors when using an item as custom spell when the item details have not been cached yet.
    - ... upvalue cleanup
    - Add support for mouse buttons 4 and 5 in micro unit frames
    - Add support for CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS
    - - Update minimum required libraries version - Update TOO_MANY_ERRORS_ALERT message to mention the '/console scriptErrors 1' command instead of the Lua error option that disappeared.
    - - Display the last UI error when reacting on BugGrabber_CapturePaused event (so the user can quickly find and disable the source of the problem). - Also make the message displayed shorter and less affirmative on the performance impact. (localization needs updating) - Fix stack/local level (decreased by 1). - Fixed a leaked global.

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