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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 2.4.3


Changes from Decursive 2.1.0 Final to Decursive 2.2.0

* Important changes:

- Decursive no longer uses SpecialEvent-Aura-2.0 to detect afflictions, it uses
  the new combat log system introduced in WoW 2.4. This simplifies the code a
  lot and prevent far away units to be scanned uselessly.

- As a result Decursive is now able to detect missed dispels and missed or
  failed spells with complete accuracy.

- A new sound alerts you if one of your spell launched using the MUFs fails or is resisted.

- The success spell message has been removed and replaced by a failure message when appropriate.

- New affliction alert sound more audible for people without a good bass system.

- The 'focus' unit will only be shown if not hostile and if not already part of the displayed MUF.

- When the live-list tool tips are disabled, the Live-List won't catch mouse
  events, you can click right through it.

- Affliction history is populated only when you click on a MUF to dispel something.

- Complete Russian translation by StingerSoft

- Compatible with WotLK beta

* Fixed bugs:

- Fix a nil error when players with pets were excluded using the skip list.

- fix a lot of insidious bugs related to 'gendered' class names.

- fix problems in battlefields with players from other realms (group ordering failures)

- Units not in line of sight are now always properly blacklisted (except when
  using pets, no failure events are sent).

- When adding or removing a player/group/class to the exclusion list, the MUFs
  display was not updated immediately.

- Fix for Chinese priests (two different spells named the same in this localisation...)

- Better sound alert management, alert loops are no longer possible.

- The lock and buttons display/hide status of the "Decursive" bar (the
  live-list anchor) were not applied correctly on startup.