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Decursive 2.1.0 RC1 by Archarodim (2008-03-26)
Changes from Decursive 2.0.4 to Decursive 2.1.0 RC1
  • Important changes:
- Added an automatic self-diagnostic feature also available through the
 /DCRDIAG command. This diagnostic is run when the add-on is loaded and check
 if all required libraries are available and are up to date.
 It also checks if all Decursive internal files are loaded correctly.
 When the command /DCRDIAG is used it also tests if the library AceEvent is
 functioning properly.
- New option: "Align MUF window to the right" (defaults to off)
 If enabled, the MUFs will grow from right to left and the handle will be
 moved automatically.
- New option: "Auto-Hide" (defaults to "Never")
 Lets you choose if you want to auto-hide/show the MUF window when in party or raid.
- New option: "Colors" in the "Micro Unit Frame Settings" sub-menu
 It is now possible to change all the MUFs colors.
- It is now possible to add afflictions to the filters from a list of recently
 seen afflictions instead of typing their names.
- The cure order priorities are now saved per class
 (This change resets your cure order priorities to default values)
  • Minor changes:
- When moving the cursor quickly over friendly and hostile units, sometimes a
 phantom affliction could appear in the live-list for 0.2 seconds this has
 been fixed.
- When a new MUF is created outside the screen, the MUF window is always
 automatically moved so that all MUFs are visible.
- Spells handled by pets will no longer interrupt the player spells (when using
 the MUFs)
- Performance optimizations.